Binance CMO Wants Beautiful Women to Work on Client Satisfaction

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Binance CMO Wants Beautiful Women to Work on Client Satisfaction
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The famous exchange CMO posted a ‘joke’ in which Binance was supposedly looking for a woman with a beautiful, large chest to work at the Client Support Department.

Despite Binance usually hire Support people while looking at their juridical, programming or marketing skills, not chest… this time it was a slightly different story. Binance Chief Marketing Officer He Yi has posted a job offer on the official channel in Weibo, which is a Chinese analog of Twitter.

Per the Decrypt translators, the post in Chinese was looking like this:

“We’re looking for a woman with a beautiful, large chest; someone who’s been a webcaster before; and priority is given to those born after 00. Send a CV.”

One could imagine how happy was the person at Binance who was browsing through the received CV’s. However, later it appeared that CMO He Yi is a woman. And sometime after the CMO of HashKeyHub who goes under the name Molly has seen the offer, and she posted it on Twitter.

She notes that the big boobs are the only requirement, and the first comment says ‘Are you serious?’. Indeed, this space is full of surprises, but such a move goes far beyond the previously imagined levels of inadequacy.

Molly is deeply offended by such a post because she’s a woman working in cryptocurrency and she knows how important to have huge knowledge, not only huge boobs, to work in significant corporation:

“As a woman working in this industry, I am massively offended…everyone is disgusted.”

Later, He Yi said in a chat that the job offer was more of a joke than a reality. She wrote in such a provocative way because Chinese competitors are calling her ‘an old single mother who should look after her kid at home.’ She thought that it would be nice to have this job offer written in a sarcastic tone.

Binance Indeed Hired Large Chest (and It’s Female) to Work as Support Officer

Binance spokesperson later sent comments to Decrypt. The exchange was not hiring people, according to the comment, solely by their look and they never do such things. What was translated from Chinese is ‘intercultural communication’ and not serious:

“Sometimes literal translations hardly convey the implication and sarcasm. What she truly wants to express is that we will all age.”

But Binance has introduced the new worker pointing to the ‘CV’ of a new employee. Indeed, a hot Asian girl with big tits is featured on the profile. Per He Yi:

“Talented girl (who happens to be hot) started yesterday, and had immediately been put to hard work at once “and worked until 3am to respond to clients’ questions in the community.”

The spokesperson for Binance said that He Yi is much better at Chinese than at English, so the word ‘hot’ was just inappropriate pick.

“Yi’’s English is not so proficient, so after she was told “hot” is not an appropriate word to use when describing employees, she deleted her first 2 tweets on the whole thread; but unfortunately, the deleted tweet was seen and twisted.”

As of now, the tweets by He Yi are gone. But the community is discussing the new ways of setting the road to the cryptocurrency field. It looks like it is easy for women with big talents. Culture, art, communications and yes, the beauty, are only a few of usual skills women are good at.

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