Binance Searches for EU Lobbyist to Extend Its Influence to Supranational Political & Economic Bloc

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Binance Searches for EU Lobbyist to Extend Its Influence to Supranational Political & Economic Bloc
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Leading exchange Binance is currently searching for a lobbyist that would ‘shape a communications narrative’ across the EU. 

Binance seeks to hire a full-time European Union (EU) lobbyist amid the supranational political union’s finalization of crypto rules and regulations. By onboarding a specialized lobbyist, Binance hopes to extend its influence to the increasingly regulated EU.

According to reports, Binance plans to hire a “Policy Comms Director” to shape a communications narrative that impacts the leading crypto exchange across the EU. In addition, a job ad posted on the company’s website also said the desired European Union lobbyist would create impactful campaigns regarding several developments that cover the corporate, regulatory, and political landscapes.

Binance also said of the available EU lobbyist role:

“Develop a content calendar of thought leadership pieces (blogs, social media, op-eds, etc) to have a regular drum beat of positions to reach key influencers of policy. Content generated would be in service of the Government Affairs team and working closely with public policy teams on the subject matter expertise.”

Binance EU Lobbyist Role to Be Based in Brussels

Unlike several Binance positions that support remote work, the EU lobbyist role is based full-time in Brussels, Belgium. This location would grant access to European Commission and European Parliament officials responsible for enacting new crypto laws.

The European Union is on course to formalize its Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation this April. This development would see to consumer protection as well as exchanges and wallet providers’ stability norms. Similar laws could also come about in decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto lending.

Binance is already registered in several EU nations, including Cyprus, France, and Italy. The world’s largest exchange is also a Brussels-based Blockchain for Europe lobbying organization member. In fact, Binance’s executive vice-president for Europe, Martin Bruncko, previously suggested that the exchange could eventually site its headquarters in Europe. Last June, Bruncko said at a Brussels Blockchain Week conference:

“I can imagine a situation where if [crypto adoption and popularity continues to swell across key states in Europe], we might eventually end up with headquarters in Europe.”

In addition to its available Policy Comms Director role, Binance is also reportedly hiring for more junior policy communications roles in Asia and Latin America.

Binance Crypto Consortium to Rebuild Trust

In other related Binance news, the crypto exchange is organizing a consortium to reestablish trust in the crypto space. According to inside sources, several companies, including other crypto exchanges and blockchain analytic firms, have already signed up to join.

Binance endeavors come in the aftermath of massive losses experienced within the crypto space last year. The crypto industry could see stricter regulations due to 2022’s high number of retail casualties and bankrupt companies – notably Celsius and FTX.

According to a person with knowledge of the plans, Binance would not run the consortium. Instead, the association initiative will run in a decentralized manner that promotes adequate alignment within the crypto community.

Furthermore, the consortium seeks to work with regulators across the globe to ensure a more transparent, safer crypto space.

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