Binance Futures Grand Tournament Returns

May 24th, 2023 at 10:33 am UTC · 4 min read

Binance Futures Grand Tournament Returns

Binance Futures, the largest crypto derivatives exchange, is bringing back its Futures Grand Tournament just in time for the summer. Traders from around the world are actively building their teams for the tournament and the performance rankings of competing teams and individuals can be seen here.

Crypto traders can take their trading skill to the next level, and be rewarded with a share of the dynamic prize pool of up to 1,800,000 USDT. The prize pool is split across:

  • Up to 1,200,000 for the team competition
  • Up to 300,000 for the individual competition
  • Up to 300,000 in Welcome Prizes for new futures traders

This edition of the Futures Grand Tournament also introduces the Binance Futures Bonus Center, where participants can access exclusive packages on a first-come first-served basis:

  • 10,000 new futures traders can collect 5 USDT Futures Bonus Voucher each
  • First 1,000 tournament participants can buy 10 USDT Futures Cashback Vouchers for just 1 USDT

The tournament will be held from 24 May 2023 to 21 June 2023, commencing with an 8-day referral challenge allowing participants to accumulate points and obtain NFTs that can be used to multiply their points for the trading competition. Participants then compete over three weeks for the best trading performance and prizes.

Activity A: Referral Challenge – 1,400 Binance Futures Grand Tournament Limited Edition NFTs & 10,000 Futures Bonus Voucher to Be Won!

Between 24 May to 31 May 2023, users who register for the Futures Grand Tournament can accumulate Referral Challenge Points by completing different tasks each day. The tasks include referring users to the Tournament, opening Futures or Options accounts, completing Options or Futures Grid Trading Strategy, and sharing on social media. Each day, 175 winners will receive a mystery NFT that will multiply their competition profit points, and there are also daily Futures Bonus Vouchers up for grabs.

Activity B: Team Competition – Trade Futures Alongside Your Team to Share 1,200,000 USDT!

All teams trading COIN-M and USDⓈ-M contracts on Binance Futures during the Competition Period will be ranked based on their total sum of Team Daily PNL. Team’s Daily PNL is calculated by adding up the PNL of the top ten eligible users who accumulate the highest trading volume on Futures during the Competition Period.

Activity C: Individual Competition – Daily ROI Rewards to Be Won!

All Individual Competition participants who meet the required minimum daily trading volume across COIN-M and USDⓈ-M contracts on Binance Futures during the Competition Period will be ranked based on their daily ROI. There are a total of 21 daily qualifying periods, starting on 1 June 2023. Each qualifying period will go on for 24 hours.

Activity D: Welcome Prizes for New Participants!

All new Futures traders participating in the tournament can share in the dedicated welcome prize pool. Additionally one lucky winner will walk away with a special prize of 1 BNB.

At the end of the tournament, winners and the competition results will be announced on the tournament website.

Eligibility Criteria: Users must complete account verification and open a Binance Futures account to participate. To sign up and to view the full competition and eligibility rules, please visit the Futures Grand Tournament website here.

About Binance Futures

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