bitcci Token Sale Is Live on P2PB2B

Place/Date: - March 30th, 2022 at 8:04 am UTC · 2 min read
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bitcci Token Sale Is Live on P2PB2B
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The token sale session for bitcci is in progress on the P2PB2B exchange. And you have a great chance to receive a 10% bonus on bitcca token purchases.

The tokens can be purchased until March 31st, along with joining the project’s community and a special 10% discount. After that, it will be listed on the P2PB2B exchange.

What Is bitcci?

Founded by CEO Christoph Elbert, bitcci became the world’s first publicly-traded blockchain company in 2017. By creating an ecosystem that promotes innovation, transparency, and compliance, the company has set a new pace for the escort industry.

A key element of bitcci is the KaiZen principle. KaiZen is a Japanese philosophy of life and work that emphasizes the pursuit of continuous improvement. bitcci improves its products and services gradually until the final goal is absolute perfection.

The company has developed a blockchain-based payment system as well as nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, and bitcci’s academy. Adding to its list of services will provide the latest cryptocurrency and escort news to stay updated on the cryptocurrency market. A total of 200 large banners have already been placed around Crypto Valley hot spots in an effort to attract investors.

Where Can You Find bitcci Cash Tokens? p2pb2b

Currently, bitcci Group AG has launched its IEO on P2PB2B. So, you have a great opportunity to join bitcca token sale on P2PB2B and get ready for it to be listed on the exchange!

In 2021, Bitcci Group raised over USD 4 million in ICO and has over 2,800 token holders. As the company creates a global blockchain ecosystem, sex markets will evolve from illegal to legal, safe, and regulated.

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