Bitcoin Foundation Director Suggests to Remove Satoshi Nakamoto as Founding Member

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read
Bitcoin Foundation Director Suggests to Remove Satoshi Nakamoto as Founding Member
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New executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation suggested at Inside Bitcoins NYC 2015 Conference that Satoshi Nakamoto should be removed as a founding member.

Bruce Fenton, the new executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, has recently delivered a presentation about the future of the Bitcoin Foundation at Inside Bitcoins NYC 2015. During his speech, Fenton suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto should be removed as a founding member. Mr. Fenton explained Nakamoto’s inclusion as “not accurate,” stating that the person in the group’s creation.

The speech marks the second time that Fenton has referred to Bitcoin’s mysterious creator during his tenancy, following his first tweet in the position reminding Nakamoto that “she has a board seat per the bylaws, if she produces a PGP key”.

Besides, Mr. Fenton suggested that all founding members be removed so that the power of individuals within the organization is reduced while working to use effective decentralization and crowd-funding:

“Overall, we should reduce power of individuals but work to remain effective using decentralization, crowdfunding and other means.”

However, the decision the decision would also expose Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, Patrick Murck, Mark Karpeles, Gavin Andresen and Peter Vessenes of the distinction. Furthermore, Mr. Fenton has highlighted the public push for more transparency, mentioning the further use of Swarm for block chain voting.

A random user commented on Swarm via the Foundations forums: “Swarm ‘idea’ was good, but please make sure it gets some testing from members/public before using it again.” Fenton responded as follows: “Definitely Joel and we’d also use it for something less important than an election.”

The use of, known as The Distributed Opinion, has been highlighted as a means for open discussion. The Distributed Opinion is a platform where Bitcoin Foundation members and non-members can put their opinions on the Foundation direction and actions, comment on proposals, and make new proposals for consideration.

Moreover, during the presentation Fenton clarified the Bitcoin Foundations relationship to Bitcoin Core development and described it in more details.

The Foundation no longer financially supports the three core developers that it was supporting previously: Cory Fields, Wladimir van der Laan and Gavin Andresen. These developers are now being financially supported by MIT for continuing work independently on Bitcoin core.

Gavin Andresen will remain as the Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation and is likely to continue to attend DevCores around the world. The Foundation will continue supporting core development and might come in the form of providing grants or support work in one form or another.

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