Bitcoin Games Jackpot Payouts Exceed 90 BTC in Four Months

Place/Date: - January 26th, 2017 at 2:24 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Tzvi Shishler, Source: Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games, the fastest growing Bitcoin gaming platform, has become quite popular among the cryptocurrency gaming community. As the number of users continues to grow, Bitcoin Games has already paid out jackpots totaling over 90 BTC (worth more than $72,000) in less than four months. What’s more, the jackpots currently on offer total more than 334 BTC. The latest jackpot winner received a payout of 7.7498 BTC (>$6,000) while playing the odds at Bitcoin Games’ Progressive Roulette table by hitting three 0’s in a row.

Bitcoin Games has made a name for itself in the crypto-gaming community with its extremely low house edge and provably fair gameplay. Its wide range of game offerings includes casino favorites such as Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Dice, Roulette, Keno and Craps. The odds of winning at any of the games on this provably fair casino are extremely high with players enjoying an expected return of 99%. With no sign-up or registration required, players can choose to enjoy games as anonymously as they wish on the platform.

To start playing on Bitcoin Games users simply have to deposit some bitcoins to their unique deposit address and they can play immediately without any network confirmations necessary. The games platform caters to a wide array of cryptocurrency enthusiasts thanks to its ShapeShift integration, and account security is ensured by the use of optional password protection and twofactor authentication via Authy or Google Authenticator. A dedicated customer support team also ensures that assistance is always available if and when required.

The recent jackpot winner on the Progressive Roulette table defied the odds by hitting three 0’s in a row, the probability of which is an incredible one in 50,653. This Progressive win was made possible due to the anonymous winner playing Progressive Roulette, whereby a user adds one credit to their bet each time; playing progressively paid off handsomely winning them thousands of dollars in Bitcoin. Players throughout the world can take advantage of the platform’s low house edge and aim for those impressive jackpots without worry as all payouts are instantaneous and players can withdraw their winnings at any time.

However, US residents can only play on Bitcoin Games using test credits at this point in time due to unnecessarily restrictive US gaming laws. The platform is hoping to be able to introduce a fullyfledged betting option for such restricted players in the future. For those who play to win, Bitcoin Games is easily one of the best Bitcoin gambling platforms on the Internet. It also offers an attractive referral program that allows participants to earn up to 25 percent of the house edge when they invite friends to join the platform.

About Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games is an online casino that exclusively uses the cryptocurrency Bitcoin while allowing deposits through other cryptocurrencies via ShapeShift. The games on Bitcoin Games are based on the classic, much-loved Slots and Video Poker machines in Las Vegas.

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