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Bitcoin Startup 21 Inc Wants to Replace Your Public Email with an Inbox that Pays You

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
Bitcoin Startup 21 Inc Wants to Replace Your Public Email with an Inbox that Pays You
Set up a 21 Inc's profile to receive paid messages from people outside your network. Photo: 21 Inc.

The new tool 21 profile will help you to start monetizing your internet presence.

21 Inc. has announced the 21 profile, a spam-proof replacement for a public email address, in the official blog post. The new service will allow anyone in the world to google you and then buy a few minutes of your time.

21 Inc explains that the tool they have developed is so simple in operation and will be useful for several different audiences. For instance, here is a list of people who set up profiles during the beta testing period:

  • Engineers and designers can find 21 profile useful as they can receive paid messages from recruiters, like a monetizable version of LinkedIn InMail
  • Venture capitalists and angel investors can use it to prioritize fundraising pitches from outside their network, donating any monies received to charity
  • Top officials like founders and executives can use it to avoid sales calls and cold emails
  • 21 profile can serve as a form of micro-consulting for consultants, billing by the question rather than the hour
  • Producers, editors, and journalists can use it to order the endless stream of PR pitches, donating the results to charity or booking it as revenue for their media outlet
  • People involved in art sphere like musicians, writers, and social media influencers can use it to sell their time as a scarce complement to their (often) free content

The creators of 21 profile underline that in many of these use cases the prioritization of inbound messages is more important than the money itself. Thus, users can set a minimum price to ensure that inbound messages are serious, and to donate their proceeds to support good causes like Black Girls Code and Folding@Home.

21 profile is a simple way to monetize the internet presence. This is a page with all your contact information and every view of 21 profile page is a possible monetization opportunity.

As mentioned above, 21 profile can be a convenient way to do some charity. Every year, Warren Buffett sells about an hour of his time to raise millions for Glide Memorial Church. Perhaps, we will not start from millions but even several sold minutes of your time can be devoted to a good cause. Today, 21 Inc. supports a few nonprofits, like Black Girls Code and Folding@Home, but it welcomes new ideas at!

21 Inc. seems to have created a new system to identify the importance of messages.  Rather than putting recent messages first, they put the most valuable messages in your inbox first. Thus, you get a possibility to respond to the most important messages first instead of simply reacting to the latest notification.

21 Inc. was initially launched as a bitcoin mining company. In 2015, it unveiled the intention to “add bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand” and raised $116 million from such investors as Andreessen Horowitz and RRE Venture, Qualcomm Inc., founders of giants PayPal, Dropbox Inc., Expedia Inc. and some others.

As a result, the company announced the first computer supporting the bitcoin protocol – 21 Bitcoin Computer. Due to its pocket size, bitcoin developers could make bitcoin transactions without taking their mind off daily routine.

The new tool, 21 profile, seems to be yet another life stage for 21 Inc.

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