Bitcomo – Monetizing the Demise of the Middle Man in Affiliate Marketing

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Bitcomo – Monetizing the Demise of the Middle Man in Affiliate Marketing
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The first cost-per-action affiliate Blockchain-based platform Bitcomo avoids being gouged by current networking fees helping marketers save up to 44 percent of add dollars in its ecosystem.

If you are advertising online, you have no doubt lost money to false clicks. You may have even paid for sales conversions on phony sales. Advertising expense, including ever-evolving forms of fraud, can take a 30 to 50 percent bite out of your marketing budget. Adding to your online marketing woes, after going through your affiliate marketing reports and reconciling all the suspicious click-throughs, your partners claim they never received their affiliate marketing fees.

Bitcomo, the first cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network on the Blockchain, wants to help you avoid being gouged by current affiliate networking fees and practices. CPA is a more efficient pay-for-performance digital advertising model requiring advertisers pay only when specified actions are performed, such as a click-through or sale. Operating on the same-old online advertising network, however, the improved performance often goes unrewarded.

Running CPA in the current digital marketing system is analogous to running a hybrid electric car only on gas. The operating of the car is inefficient and more expensive. Bitcomo has created an affiliate marketing engine designed to optimize the CPA model.  On the Blockchain, advertisers and publishers deal directly via a smart contract. Transactions are real-time, transparent and traceable, enabling payment to be released as soon as the desired action (e.g., a sales conversion) is achieved.

The Affiliate Marketing Budget on the Blockchain

The Bitcomo token (BM) provides a new value of exchange between advertisers and publishers. The potential savings in direct and indirect (e.g., the cost of fraud) costs are substantial. Let’s first look at direct cost savings when affiliate partners do business with the BM token in the Bitcomo affiliate network.

By removing the middlemen from the affiliate network, Bitcomo estimates it can save one-third to half of your marketing budget. Since you will be paying with your stash of BM tokens, bank commissions on credit card fees of three to five percent are eliminated. You no longer need to pay advertising agencies 15 to 25 percent of your ad dollars to run your affiliate program. And the five to 10 percent of ad spend allocated to banners and ads can be eliminated, since the cost per action models have been shown to be much more effective than display ads. Any fees paid to Amazon or other affiliate partners to list advertising can be avoided.

Your new affiliate marketing fee is the 0.5 percent commission you will pay to be part of the Bitcomo ecosystem. What is more, the Bitcomo tokens you acquire as the unit of exchange in the Bitcomo network have the potential to increase in value as more businesses join the affiliate network. All tallied, Bitcomo estimates a 44 percent savings on average for affiliate marketers in its ecosystem.

Briefly, indirect costs avoided on the transparent Blockchain can include paying for fraudulent click-throughs and sales conversions, and the opportunity lost as a result of the growing use of ad block and email spam software in response to the rise in fraud. When an action is taken by a customer in the Bitcomo affiliate network, no middlemen can create delays. The requests are processed immediately after verification.

Transparent and Actionable Data

Harder to readily quantify but another important cost savings frontier is the more efficient data management made possible by a decentralized affiliate network on the Blockchain. Shared data is transparently stored at each node in your Bitcomo affiliate network. Since your affiliate partner no longer has central control over data and the issuance of reports, you can immediately detect and trace any suspicious traffic being generated. The data can be analyzed on the fly and acted upon in real time.

On a performance-based digital marketing system in which every click and lead is traced in real time, there is no need for payment delays. The market contract can release payment as soon as the targeted leads are established or the audience is reached, whatever the specified action is.

The BM network has been set up to support smart contract projects and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The BM token can be used with smart contracts on the Ethereum and Waves Blockchains inside the Bitcomo ecosystem running on the fast Tracechain network, an upgrade to the Blockchain where clicks and leads are stored inside Blockchain nodes.

The open code makes all data transparent. On the Tracechain, advertisers and publishers can experience affiliate marketing at super speeds of 500,000 transactions per second. In comparison, the Ethereum Blockchain operates at 15 transactions per second.

The integration with Waves, a platform allowing startups to launch an ICO in a few easy steps, provides a powerful launchpad for Blockchain startups. As a part of the pre-ICO marketing campaign, the startups can be up and running in an active performance-based affiliate market. ICOs should plan on buying BM tokens when they are planning their media budgets since the Bitcomo network can bring them real leads, subscriptions and investments—as actions—the whole purpose of the CPA model.

The Bitcomo Token (BM) Sale

To join the Bitcomo affiliate network, first provide Bitcomo with a link to a postback script. Next, you need to acquire tokens to participate in the affiliate network. Bitcomo is using the MetaHash Blockchain platform, which also hosts its token shop for buying and selling BM tokens. After the CPA ad network launch, Bitcomo will operate on the Tracechain; the private Blockchain operator will be public in the future.

Tokens will become available in Bitcomo’s ICO presale starting on Nov. 20th and after that sold through the token shop and on major exchanges. In the future, tokens will be exchanged for crypto and fiat currencies. The main ICO runs from Jan. 16 to Feb. 16, 2018. In total, 170 mln tokens will be offered at $0.30 with a hard cap of $51 mln.  Check out the ICO page to benefit from early bird discounts being offered during both the pre-ICO and ICO.

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