Bitnovo, the Spanish Bitcoin Platform Expands to over 130 Countries and Offers Free Virtual VISA Cards

Place/Date: Valencia, Spain - March 6th, 2017 at 7:21 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Luis, Source: Bitnovo

Bitnovo, the Spanish Bitcoin platform announces the expansion of its services on a global scale. The company’s services are now available in more than 130 countries around the world.

People in the supported countries can avail a range of Bitnovo’s services including purchase and sale of bitcoin, instant conversion of bitcoins to euros and flash recharges for Bitnovo prepaid debit cards.

In addition to its standard prepaid debit card, Bitnovo has recently started issuing physical and free virtual VISA cards. Bitnovo customers can place an online order for the new VISA cards from any of the 130 supported countries. Customers ordering the prepaid debit card can choose the available express delivery option to receive their physical card within 48 hours.

Bitnovo takes pride in offering services that make virtual currency tangible, affordable, safe and easy to use. The platform, with its new VISA prepaid card offering allows users to refill the card by converting their bitcoin holdings to euros.

This makes it much simpler for the Bitcoin community to indirectly spend cryptocurrency for their daily needs. With Bitnovo’s prepaid debit card, the user can avail all the advantages and guarantees of a VISA card. For the users’ convenience, Bitnovo allows each individual to hold up to three physical and three virtual cards.

Every card can support a maximum spending limit of up to € 20,000. Bitnovo’s prepaid cards can be used at any of the VISA supported ATMs across the world for cash withdrawals. Any issues, Bitnovo has set up dedicated technical support in both English and Spanish to answer card related queries.

The Spanish Bitcoin platform also maintains one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks, set to have over 300 operational units in Spain by April 2017. People can buy and sell bitcoin over these Bitcoin ATMs. Users can also avail the Bitnovo voucher option for the physical purchase of the cryptocurrency without having to divulge one’s personal and payment information.

All these features make Bitnovo one of the fastest and safest Bitcoin platform services in the market. It not only makes buying and selling bitcoin easier but also enables the community to purchases goods and services from establishments that do not currently accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

About Bitnovo

Based out of the Spanish territory of Valencia, Bitnovo is a leading international Bitcoin platform that offers a range of services to the cryptocurrency community. The platform with a presence in over 130 countries allows users to buy/sell bitcoin using Bitcoin vouchers, Bitcoin ATMs, and prepaid cards. It also lets users buy small denomination cards anonymously.

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