Crypto Exchange Bittrex Launches Decentralized Storage Project LAMB

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Crypto Exchange Bittrex Launches Decentralized Storage Project LAMB

Bittrex, a global leader in the blockchain revolution announced to list Lambda – a data storage blockchain protocol, commited to creating a secure, reliable, and unlimited storage network for Value Internet.

In a tweet from Bittrex International they say:

“The company tweets that the Lambda wallet is open and trading will begin shortly on”

According to the crypto Listing and Delisting weekly announcements, LAMB will fall under the Bittrex listing.

The move provides a positive outcome for investors and users alike. It only goes to show that investors and the crypto market are looking into many other options as compared to traditional coins and projects.

The choice to list on Bittrex comes after LAMB had already listed on other exchange platforms such as OKEx and

Lambda, a data storage blockchain protocol, lists on the majority of exchanges as decentralized storage due to its commitment to creating a secure, reliable, and unlimited storage network for Value Internet. In addition, Lambda remains at the leading level since its inception in 2018 of similar projects in both technology and application.

As a global achievement, it has realized and published the POST-space-time proof as a first ever in the world. The innovation has introduced VFR+BFT consensus algorithm into the Lambda Chain consensus network. In turn, it has guaranteed operation efficiency and reliability of the network. Other relevant breakthroughs include data integrity proof, multi-chain data collaborative storage, and cross-chain data management.

Lambda growth has proven to support dynamic data access, protect data privacy, as well as make unremitting efforts for the great vision of “Return the data value to data owners”. Only quality projects are listed on the top exchanges such as Bittrex. Bittrex has a reputation for upholding on high standards due to compliance issues. Bittrex accepting to list LAMB also indicates that Lambda fully abides by its listing regulations.

Bittrex Listing Rules

Bittrex completes two main reviews (preliminary and full listing review) before considering listing a token. The preliminary review refers to an initial review, which will determine whether the token should proceed through the full listing process. The full listing review is a more in-depth review of a token. Here, Bittrex will request for documentation, which will include an extended non-disclosure agreement and listing agreement.

A committee from the firm will determine if the token meets their robust criteria as well as whether it will be listed on or Bittrex International. In some cases, they may consult with outside advisors.

Under the full listing review, a token must complete a compliance review before listing it. After a compliance review, Bittrex will review aspects of the token, its project, and platform when determining when to list a token.

First, is the token an innovative use case or application? After determining this aspect, other considerations come to play. These include: new blockchain features, usefulness of use cases, significant improvements over existing blockchain, technological experience and reputation of token applicant and team, market interest, as well as an interesting, innovative, or unique application.

LAMB satisfied the above criterion thus proving the Lambda strengths to certify the crypto market needs in accordance with Bittrex.

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