BitVault, World’s First Blockchain Phone, to Start Shipping in November

September 18th, 2017 at 9:00 am UTC · 3 min read

Embedded Downloads announced earlier today that the BitVault, the world’s first crypto communicator and blockchain smart phone will start shipping in November 2017.

The BitVault was introduced to the fintech community earlier this year with prototypes showcased at London Fintech week, 7 -14 June 2017.

Dynamic Key Creation: – With the use of biometric identification combined with NFC technology,  the user creates private and public keys every time the device is used. These keys are never stored anywhere and can only be created by the specific user. These keys are used for encryption of transactions, communication and other applications on the device.

Secure Calling: – The device uses advanced cryptography to enable public key to public key calling. Crypto currency transactions are used to create multi-layer encryptions.

Secure Messaging: – The same cryptographic methods are used for secure messaging. BitVault to BitVault messaging is multi-layered encrypted.

Secure Document Transfer:  – When a user sends a document created on a laptop or a PC via the BitVault as an attachment, these documents are transferred over a private blockchain separate from the BitVault communication environment. Both the sender and receiver will need to download an application on their respective computers to send or receive documents. Keys to open these documents will be securely transmitted from BitVault to BitVault. In this way, outside documents can never enter the BitVault communication environment keeping it safe from malware.

Secure Browsing: – By using blockchain technology the BitVault dynamically verifies websites through a set of confirmation steps. Browsing with the BitVault is severely restricted and controlled with stringent rules to ensure the integrity of the environment.

Cryptocurrency wallets: – The BitVault uses cryptocurrency in its applications and also comes with native cryptocurrency wallets. The BitVault will ship with the following wallets installed: – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOT.

BitVault Application Store: – BitVault comes with its own dedicated application store and is  open to outside developers. The BitVault uses a secured and modified version Android but standard Android applications cannot be uploaded onto the BitVault and will not work. BitVault developers will be licensed and will receive a developer toolkit to enable BitVault application development.

More details on other features and specifications are available on the website:

BitVault is owned and developed by Embedded Downloads, with development offices in Limerick, Ireland and New Delhi, India. Embedded Downloads specializes in secure hardware and software relating to the “Internet of Things”.

The company has commissioned VVDN Technologies as development and manufacturing partner of the BitVault.

More about VVDN

  • Established in the year 2007, VVDN is headquartered in Gurgaon, India
  • Design Centers located in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune
  • Offices across the globe
  • Manufacturing Set up in Gurgaon
  • ISO-9001:2008 Certified company
  • Engaged in developing innovative products such as servers, GPS tracker, IOT Community boards etc.
  • Recognized as the best embedded company of the year by SiliconIndia
  • In 2017 VVDN was listed as one of the world’s top 12 cloud engineering service providers.

Bitvault marketing is focussed primarily on enterprise solutions for large organisations that have the need for secure communication and data management environments. These would include governments and public organisations, financial institutions, large corporations etc.

Shipping to the public commences in November 2017 and the BitVault can now be pre-ordered on the company’s website. BitVault is shipped worldwide with door to door secure courier.


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