Blockchain-based RPay Aims to Revolutionize Retail with a Safe P2P Platform

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

RPay has presented the world its new and efficient blockchain-based payment system. The ICO is currently undergoing and will last till the beginning of March, 2018.

The retail sector is the biggest portion of commerce in the world right now with a yearly 3.8 percent growth leading to an expected yearly turnover of $28 trillion by the end of 2019. But, we know that the profit margins of the retail sector are affected by the role of the third party creating the product or service.

There is also the case of regular mainstreaming of popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum that makes it a viable target for the retail economy. The sector is primed for cryptocurrencies to make a difference and will affect it in a long lasting way.

To revolutionize the retail industry, RPay has developed a new and efficient payment system built on a P2P decentralized architecture based on the blockchain technology. By taking advantage of the retail sector, RPay aims to create a global retail economy that would be much more transparent and competitive than conventional options. The RPay transactions are much faster than conventional money transfer. According to the new platform’s whitepaper:

“We want the participation process to be increasingly simpler and economical for people and we want our new economic model to spread because we believe that it will help people improve the way they use their money and the things they can buy with it. We want people to be able to make more of their money and live the dream.”

RPay provides a transparent ecosystem helping to solve problems faced by the current industry, including digital payment failures, subpar products, extra charges, and fraudulent sellers. The payment platform is populated by its own new token called RPay coin, and is used for payment purposes at the latest price of their RPay token around the world. The retailers and consumers can quickly cash out instantaneously, if they don’t wish to have their money depreciate due to the volatility of the prices in crypto trading charts.

The ecosystem is expected to be launched by May 2019, and the main TGE is being held right now to raise funds for further development of the innovative project. The platform is programmed into the Ethereum blockchain and provides a solid foundation for more P2P commerce and trading without the need of a third party being involved in the payment process. The platform itself has no commissions of its own, which is unusual for a payment system.

The official Token Generation Event of the RPay token (RTK) is currently undergoing and will continue on till the beginning of March. The price has been set at 1 ETH= 980 RTK and 1 BTC= 10757 RTK. The total hard cap is 90 million RTK and 80% will be made available in the crowdfunding campaign.

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