Blockchain-based Advertising Solution DATx Succeed in its First Token Sale

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Blockchain-based Advertising Solution DATx Succeed in its First Token Sale
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DATx, a blockchain-based advertising solution developed by Cosima Foundation, has finished its first successful TGE raising a total of 50,000 ETH.

The Cosima Foundation’s newly launched digital advertising blockchain ecosystem, DATx, was a success during its first token generation event (TGE) raising an incredible total of 50,000 ETH, currently valued at more than $40 million.

Designed to overcome all the persistent challenges standing in the way of the advertising industry’s further development in the digital age, the DATx blockchain wrapped up its first token sale on March 2, 2018, issuing 1,335 trillion of its native DATx tokens, representing an over-subscription of more than 1,000 times planned.

With keen interest driven by a formidable development roadmap in 2018, the belief in DATx’s solution for digital advertising is clearly supported by many players across both advertising and blockchain industries, which proves the tech firm’s reputation as one of the upstarts to watch out for this year.

After Cosima Foundation’s collaboration with leading global advertiser Avazy, DATx will become the first advertising blockchain recording more than 100 million daily active users (DAU) in only its first year of activation. With its user-centric approach, the blockchain solution will change the way user behavioral data is used, taking apart its silos to deliver relevant advertising content to an accurately targeted audience.

This is made possible due to augmenting big data methodologies and artificial intelligence algorithms with the capabilities of blockchain technology for all stakeholders to access a transparent record of user behavior data. Empowered with this tool, advertisers can now refine their targeting to determine relevant users and show them precise advertisement content.

DATx represents itself as an archive of user-oriented behavior to meet advertising needs. However, once this has been achieved, the following year will see the team focus on transforming the entire platform into an advertising ecosystem to focus on the enhancement and proliferation of value creation.

Its ambition for a no-holds barred approach is clear from the outset. Last week, DATx was witnessed making its appearance on the iconic Nasdaq screen, with a prominent view from the Times Square NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Unafraid to display its desire for success and wealth, the DATx showcase will be a timely message of its global intentions.

DATx is established by the Cosima Foundation, an Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) approved entity supervised and regulated by the Company Law of Singapore. With the backing of a host of established names in the blockchain industry, such as the likes of QTUM Foundation, VisionPlus Capital, Lightspeed China Partners and Zeus Entertainment, DATx has a solid foundation of its global digital advertising ecosystem. DATx will also benefit from the business and strategic partnerships formed with leading tech firms such as Google, Facebook, AppsFlyer and CyberMiles.

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