Blockchain-based Messenger App ySign Announces TGE

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Messenger app ySign has recently announced TGE aiming to launch its innovative Facebook-alternative platform for simple and reliable digital communication.

Decentralized message app ySign has recently announced its Token Generation Event (TGE) aiming to provide the social media market with a fast, simple and reliable digital communication. The ySign platform differs from traditional social media platforms mostly in its simplicity.

Blockchain technology is now seeping into all facets of society, with social media being at the forefront of digital communication. The implementation of blockchain technology seems not just logical but inevitable. The ySign platform is targeted at catching the blockchain wave and riding it into a successful break of interpersonal communication and data sharing through social media.

ySign’s central focus is to replace the aging model of centralized processing for messages and calls with innovative decentralized blockchain-based platform. This path has the potential to break new ground in the social media game, as the company looks to introduce blockchain into one of the biggest world markets.

The ySign platform is looking to offer this free Facebook alternative, and to provide its users with a chance to carry out discreet conversations through calling or text messaging. Unlike the current platfoms using centralized storage of personal data, ySign aims to grant users with privacy, by utilizing popular NEM blockchain technology.

The ySign team has stressed that the app guarantees its users the utmost privacy, safeguarding their personal details from third parties through encryption techniques. The app also does not keep hold of users personal information. The process of registration is simple, requiring only username and password setup.

The ySign app, is currently at the stage of development. The core team sees its main focuse in wide scale usability. Once launched, the app will grant its user with a unique ID Address with only a small amount of the numbers visible to the app.

Users will have the choice of a username or ID address, that will be displayed in their in-app communications. The personal ID address will store all of their personal data, as well as all the messages, or delete them if necessary.

ySign utilizes a unique platform token called YSN. The token represents itself a standard ERC20 Ethereum network token, accompanying XEM as the apps second digital currency. The YSN private sale was finished on March 15th, 2018, followed by the token presale, which is currently live.

The presale has officially started on March 21 and will last until April 18, 2018. The event is currently on its second week with 10,000,000 Tokens, which can be purchased at the rate of 0.00036 ETH/0.85 XEM.

During the two weeks rest, 20,000,000 Tokens more will be sold, 10,000,000 on the third week and 10,000,000 on the forth, for the price of 0.00054 ETH/1.28 XEM and 0.00072 ETH/1.71 XEM, respectively. The main round of TGE is set to start on April 19 and to end on May 4, 2018.

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