Blockchain-Based Platform Vivid to Introduce Social AR Network for Crypto Users

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Blockchain-Based Platform Vivid to Introduce Social AR Network for Crypto Users
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Singapore-based startup Vivid launched a token pre-sale on March 9th, 2018 for the world’s first augmented reality based portfolio management tool.

The world’s first augmented reality (AR) cryptocurrency portfolio management and advertising platform is about to arrive in the shape of Vivid – the all-in-one AR platform for collaboration and social engagement, with customizable technical analysis, cross platform accounts and much more.

To raise the funds necessary to further develop and launch this unified platform for crypto content interaction and consumption, Vivid launched a token pre-sale on March 9th, 2018.

Vivid CEO Ian Nott explained that the new AR platform sought to empower and educate its users through multifaceted functions, encouraging them to create content via an incentivized model, taking crypto portfolio management to new heights.

“We are excited to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency portfolio management and spatial computing into a new era of platform growth and functionality to the end user,” said Mr. Nott.

A Peek Into the Future of Crypto Management

A nod to millennials, who form a rapidly growing majority of newcomers into the blockchain and crypto space, the Vivid platform boasts a user-friendly visual interface packed with social media sharing options. Every third millennial is expected to own crypto by the year’s end, and with Vivid, they can use AR mode to show off their crypto gains, whether they’re off to the moon or dropping a bull right next to their 3D charts.

Vivid will enhance trader productivity, with easy access to a slew of indicators to build custom technical analysis helping traders evaluate markets and decide on actions. 3D data merging allows for enhanced visualization, deeper insights, while orbiting charts and graphs present multiple layers of data. Traders can annotate via the virtual whiteboard, helping make sense of all that data.

Expanding from the main app, Vivid is also a social influencer and content publishing platform, which rewards communities of content producers for sharing their insights and analyses. What’s more, developers can use Vivid’s API to develop apps to engage with and analyse users, while providing a platform for brands to reach out to highly relevant, targeted users.

The Vivid Token Pre-Sale

Having raised 5% of its capital target via a sold out private round of fundraising, the Vivid token pre-sale has been live since March 9th, 2018. Those, participate now can receive a 20% bonus for an effective rate of 1 ETH = 12,000 VIVID tokens, which will decline to a 10% bonus rate once the pre-sale tier target of 450 ETH is reached.

The bonus rate will further decline until the third and final tier, where the base rate will be 1 ETH = 10,000 VIVID, according to the company’s whitepaper.

Vivid’s nearest objectives are actually innovations in how traders visualize data, model finances, promote marketing and develop their communities. Vivid is cut from the same cryptopunk cloth of Singapore-based Thrive, the cloud-based mixed reality service that teleports people and content for ultra realistic communication and collaboration.

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