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BitRent Held Private Presentation of Its Real Estate Platform in Dubai

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
BitRent Held Private Presentation of Its Real Estate Platform in Dubai
Photo: BitRent

The tallest towers, largest ports, biggest airports, and a thriving real estate sector of the United Arabic Emirates has attracted another disruptive blockchain-based project to try its luck on the emerging construction market.

On March 6, 2018, the management of the BitRent real estate platform was reported to hold a closed event named “BitRent Private Conference”. The press release states that the presentation was arranged to unveil the potential of a breakthrough platform for key investors and heads of the UAE construction departments. The opening event was a great success when according to the relevant data, the guest-list included Forbes best known participants, whose total wealth climbs to the benchmark of more than 15 000 000 000 US dollars.

BitRent, a progressive platform built on Blockchain and Smart Contracts technologies for organizing real estate investments, took the role of a main sponsor of the event. On this occasion, BitRent offered a perfect chance for high-profiled businessmen to get super profits out of lucrative investments into the best global commercial and residential objects at early construction stages, in a secure way within the shortest possible period.

The main goal of the event was to bring the leaders of crypto community and deep hands-on professionals of the construction industry to the negotiate table, as well as to create favorable conditions for establishing business ties. The presentation of the unique constructional blockchain-platform and the first tokenized object allowed to uncover the potential of BitRent for the development of the construction industry and to demonstrate the real estate sector’s and crypto economy’s points of convergence.

The platform founders, Dmitriy Starovoitov, Igor Pavlov and Vadim Dashut, undertake the ambitious mission of changing a conservative and reserved model of construction investment to make it speedy and transparent, using the most advanced crypto tools that will give investors the ability not only to invest funds, but also directly influence construction progress and have comprehensive control over all stages.

As an example of the platform functionality, BitRent team together with its strategic partner Megaline presented the very first facility – a high-rise, Unity Towers, located on the Black Sea coast that draw the equal attention from both construction and cryptocurrency representatives.

As was mentioned the platform addresses numerous issues, however one of the key advantages of BitRent remains the low entry threshold. This empowers almost unlimited number of contributors to participate into any construction projects anywhere on Earth. Blockchain, Smart Contracts, BIM and RFID technologies  guarantee the security of operations on the platform.

BitRent participants, known as owners of RNTB-tokens, not only receive up to 30% of the profit from investments, but also become the shareowners of the abuilding objects. Since they get full access to the database of objects under construction, investors will be able to select an object for the parameters of interest, vote for the priority of projects as well as monitor the stages of a construction process in real time.

Construction companies can join BitRent platform at any stage of construction. On their turn, companies will have an access to the participants’ database and the right to present themselves to the platform participants and thereby attract investments from a wide range of sources in order to launch their construction projects in any country around the globe.

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