Zero Edge Unveils Gambling with 0% House Edge and Single Cryptocurrency

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Zero Edge Unveils Gambling with 0% House Edge and Single Cryptocurrency
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Chase an opportunity to have a tryst with luck and join ZeroEdge.Bet community now to gain unique experience of fair online gambling and sports betting with zero commission.

The more gaming industry expands, the more new comers step into the market in a bid to draw investor’s attention to newly developed features of online gambling that are set to turn the entire gaming word upside down. It is evident that not every startup driven by ambitious incentive succeeds to reach a desired destination and to perfectly fit into the market box.

The one who has an experience in gambling and sport betting would exactly name the main problem of the online casino industry – hefty participation fees and unequal odds of winning against the house. Online casinos have lots of avenues for defrauding their customers by tampering with the random number generation process used in these casinos. This gives the casinos a better chance of winning games compared to what is considered as fair. They also charge a higher transaction fees from users for participating in online betting games.

However, Zero Edge Casino introduces a disruptive gambling platform that offers players 0% house edge games such as Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette, as well as free sports betting and an open source platform for building online games.

For the first time, the project was presented to public at Blockchain Summit in Kyiv on November 25, 2017. The team of high-ranked professionals from multiple industries collaborated to build the unique online casino which business model revolves around its cryptocurrency’s value growth instead of profiteering on players’ losses like most traditional casinos do.

Simply put, Zero Edge Casino offers the best odds in the market with all games having a 0% house edge, including sportsbook, poker tables. The business model is based on own cryptocurrency named Zerocoin, which operates on smart contract technology and enables users’ activity on all Zero Edge Casino’s games including casino games and sportsbook. This naturally creates a demand for the token and with a limited supply, the value of the token increases as more people seek for it in order to play. As a result, players can earn by playing at the casino with the best odds and by holding the token as its value increases due to rising demand and wider adoption.

“While we expect our 0% house edge casino games to attract a wide range of customers, what we truly want to put in the forefront is our 0% commission sports betting which has never been seen on the market before” – said Adrian Casey Zero Edge founder and CEO.

“The traditional online gambling market is rife with issues that even Bitcoin wasn’t able to solve. Players should have just as much chance of winning as the house, however currently this is not the case. This is exactly what Zero Edge is trying to solve by providing a truly fair & transparent gambling, which has a potential to disrupt the whole online gambling industry.”

The early ICO stars in 4 days on February 28, 2018 and at press time more than 8.000 members have already registered to secure their places on the pre-investment stage. Zero Edge Casino has mentioned in its roadmap that during upcoming fundraising campaign it is seeking to raise at least 5000 ETH to launch its product in full scale. Upon launch, the casino will offer 0% house edge BlackJack and Video poker as well as sports betting with 0% commission.

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