Blockchain-based Platform Smart Trip Builds Global Travellers Community

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read

For those who like planning foreign trips on their own Smart Trip platform will be an ideal solution: it combines all travelers need in one place.

If you have ever tried to plan a foreign trip, you definitely know that it is a quite challenging task. Though there are an enormous number of various opportunities to buy tickets, book accommodation, find touristic attractions and to do many other things online, there are still a lot of difficulties in doing this.

In order to find the best solution, you need to check dozens of websites, compare hundreds of offerings and to correlate everything by yourself. Moreover, a lot of services take commissions on each booking which means that you are forced to overpay.

Nevertheless, some obstacles can be waiting for you in destination countries, including cultural peculiarities, language barrier, risk of being scammed or getting into trouble due to local laws that can differ from the legislative system in your home country.

Blockchain-enabled ecosystem Smart Trip is aimed at dealing with all the above-mentioned issues. This platform is designed to unite everything that is necessary for travelers in one place and to connect travelers with travel service providers.

New service is a unique combination of Facebook and Booking service opportunities. Thanks to Smart Trip platform, travelers will be able to book plane tickets, accommodation and excursions just with the help of one service.

Moreover, Smart Trip will provide users with useful recommendations on what is allowed and what is not in a destination country, what precaution should be taken, what cafes and restaurants are the best and on many other things. Travelers also will find there a virtual phrasebook, weather forecasts and emergency services that will be available  even if you are offline.

But the main thing that Smart Trip founders want to offer is a social network functionality. Travelers will be able to publish their reviews with photos of the places that they have visited, participate in chats and to communicate with people interested in the same destination or with those who want to share their knowledge about this or that country.

The social network functionality will enable business owners to establish and develop direct communication with their potential clients and reach the widest audience possible. But we should mention that it is a win-win game as tourists will benefit as well. Now they will get a wider choice of services providers.

With a view to find a solution to any disputes between the platform users that may appear, Smart Trip will launch an arbitration system where the most active users will act as arbiters. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization model will be utilized as the most reliable and trustworthy method.

All the payments between the parties will be carried out via blockchain tech and smart contracts which ensures their full security. Of course, it is clear that airlines or hotels are not usually eager to accept other means of payment except fiat currency. Nevertheless, the solution has been already found.

Smart Trip platform promises to convert all their TASH tokens received from users into local currency of services providers. What is more, users will have Smart Trip debit cards and will be able to pay for all their trip-related services in Smart Trip tokens that will be available for sale later this year.

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