Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2019

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Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2019
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This blockchain projects may stay out of your radars since not all of them were actively advertised. However, we can say with confidence that these projects are worth paying attention to in 2019.

It is always necessary to keep abreast of trends that occur in the cryptocurrency world. Many crypto advocates and traders called the year 2018 “crypto winter” after prices fell from their historic highs to critical lows. But with the onset of spring 2019, everything has changed.

The bull market has returned and Bitcoin, the father of all cryptocurrencies, has undoubtedly started this race. Now it is the end of August and many crypto enthusiasts foreshadow the recurrence of the events of autumn 2017.

Top 5 coins that will be considered below may stay out of your radars since not all of these digital assets were previously known and actively advertised. But we can say with confidence that these projects have the technology and they are worth paying attention to by the end of 2019.

Several criteria were used for the following compilation among which are:

  • Technology. Foundations of technology development. In particular, a number of disruptive technologies they offer.
  • Business. Large partnerships with industry giants, which will further facilitate blockchain adoption across the world.
  • Community. Community activity in terms of cumulative total audience across social media.
  • Media coverage. Exciting and ambitious PR activities that a company has organized for the course of a year.
  • Price Charts. The token price: it shouldn’t be overrated or highly underrated (volume/market cap ratio variable), and there is potential for growth.


Undoubtedly, we can distinguish Chainlink. The project there was a lot of talks about throughout the summer of 2019. Starting in January 2019, the price of this coin increased by more than 10 times and brought huge profits to investors who invested in the project in the early stages of investment.

This project is traded on all major exchanges and has good volumes near $ 80 million. Chainlink is an input and output service that provides a reliable connection to external data that is provably secure end-to-end. This technology is very popular in the market since input and output services serve as data channels for smart contracts. There were many events related to Chainlink, which contributed to the rapid growth of the coin. Key events were the partnership with Google and listing on Coinbase Pro.


The second project worth paying attention to is Quant. Like the previous one, Quant has had good growth rates since the beginning of 2019. It was named “Cool Vendor in Blockchain Technology” by Gartner. Quant Network is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity, industry and government experience to develop advanced technologies enabling trusted interactions between companies and their customers. Quant Network is recognized for having solved interoperability through the creation of blockchain operating system.

This project has a partnership with SIA, the European leader in the design, creation, and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector, in the areas of payments, cards, network services, and capital markets.

SIA Group provides its services in 50 countries and manages over 50 billion financial transactions per year. This partnership will help the company’s development and bring the widespread introduction of Quant technology.


The next project that you should pay attention to in 2019 is Credits, in the last 10 days, this project has risen by more than 200 positions and is currently at 150 position on CMC. This project has great potential. During 2019 it entered into partnerships with more than 30 companies – system integrators, who will present their solutions based on Credits blockchain technology to their end customers.

With many small and medium-sized partners around the world, Credits also works with industry giants such as IBM and Lenovo. During 2019, the company has been actively engaged in completing the development of its own blockchain platform and has released the first dapps and services based on it.

Credits plans to make a token swap by the end of 2019. Among the news, that contributed to such rapid growth, we can distinguish the token swap coming and recently announced AMA session with such well-known projects like Matic Network, QuarkChain, and Holochain.


Cosmos, sponsored by the Interchain Foundation (ICF), was founded to “facilitate the next generation of Blockchain technology” and to create an Internet of blockchains. Cosmos unites all types of blockchains, taking advantage of Tendermint and Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC). Projects linked or embedded in the Cosmos Network can exchange tokens directly.

Cosmos is a network for better compatibility between all types of blockchains. The idea of ​​creating the project came to developers back in 2017. In April 2017, developers managed to raise $ 17 million in less than 30 minutes. The initial value of the token on the ICO was $ 0.1. The maximum cost of 1 ATOM reached $ 8. Even though the project was launched in 2017, token listings on cryptocurrency exchanges happened recently, namely in March 2019.

Matic Network

Let’s not lose sight of the Matic cryptocurrency, released by the Matic Network project, which enlisted the support of Coinbase and implemented exchange placement on the Binance Launchpad. The cryptocurrency jumped by 75% per day and burst into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of the daily trading volume.

The little-known Matic token managed to overcome the bearish mood that took place on the cryptocurrency market in early 2019 when Bitcoin could not hold above $ 8,000 and jumped in price by more than one and a half times, which allowed it to enter the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization.

Matic also has received funding from Coinbase Ventures, an American crypto holding. The partnership will allow Matic to integrate another cryptocurrency supported by Coinbase – USD Coin – into its side chains. On the other hand, Coinbase wallet users will be able to use the Matic network to transfer and trade digital assets. The Matic Network is a set of tools for scaling with extra-chain and side chains for existing blockchains such as Ethereum, to improve the level of user interaction through dApps.

In conclusion, we can say for sure that it does not matter if 2019 repeats the events of 2017. All of the above-mentioned projects have a solid technical foundation for implementing their technology, which will create the demand for tokens and increase their utility in the long-term. Cross-chain operations, decentralized Oracle, interoperability solutions, fast transactions, and exceptional scalability would foster the whole blockchain industry as they would be leveraged by multinational corporations.

The five projects managed to get published on pages of leading crypto outlets and get significant social media coverage since 2019.

Besides, they hit Top-150 (according to Coinmarketcap) and showed an outstanding performance in terms of ROI and/or later price gains. Anyway, one shouldn’t forget about the risk/return ratio before investing in any crypto.

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