Blockchain Solution AVINOC Disrupts the Global Aviation Business

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Blockchain Solution AVINOC Disrupts the Global Aviation Business
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AVINOC connects passengers, airlines, air traffic control and travel agencies to bring the power of decentralization into the General Aviation.

The decentralized technology of Blockchain startup AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Center) has developed its blockchain solution aiming to disrupt the global aviation business by bringing passengers, airlines, air traffic control and travel agencies together.

AVINOC’s technology connects users without any need for the third parties involvement, enabling passengers to book flights directly from airlines. The company aims to bring the power of decentralization and super-speed of the blockchain system into the General Aviation (GA), especially to the Business Aviation (BizAv) sector and furthermore, into Airline Businesses.

AVINOC was developed in 2008 as an ERP cloud platform. It was initially designed to optimize processes to a higher degree and strengthen the business operation of the companies within Business Aviation (BizA), which is a part of General Aviation (GA).

Very often, the coordination of flights, orders, as well as customer and supplier management, is still carried out manually and is slightly informative (Excel, email, paper). Moreover, a multitude of incompatible systems, containing non-integrated structures, is still in use. AVINOC was created to solve these issues. The startup’s primary goal is to create an optimal supply chain by strengthening the BizAv market, focusing on reducing the time span of the information and payment flow to zero.

According to AVINOC’s official website:

“Since the 1960’s, the organization of air travel with airlines has been steered by the same technology, even to this day. This system is generally known as the Global Distribution System (GDS). In this system, transactions are made between the airlines and travel agencies that offer passengers air travel. This market is dominated by three players worldwide. Other than the GDS, a huge amount of price comparison and booking portals have sprung to existence, which separates airlines from customers and therefore, creating non-transparency. Technical innovation is urgently needed to break this artificial overpriced system and to strengthen the airline market from the inside again.”

AVINOC claims to become the Facebook of BizAv, by scheduling Airline and Charter Business in a worldwide development roadmap, providing services, such as group bookings for increased organization and ease of use. The service will bring people together in an all-inclusive and easy-to-use platform. Blockchain technology allows AVINOC to contact its airline provider similarly to social media messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.

The token is set to be published on the Ethereum platform, following the ERC20 standard. The token represents itself a utilization token and will be traded on exchanges circulated globally. The plan is to transfer the AVINOC Token to AVINOCoin in the future, depending on its success. There is a fixed amount of 1 Billion tokens, 40% of which will be for sale to the general public. The issuing price of each token will be USD $0.05 at the token sale. After this, the token will no longer be produced, but will still be available to trade on all major platforms.

The main objective of the token is to be used to pay for tickets, fuel, airport fees, handling, and air traffic control (ATC) amongst numerous others.

The international team is located in Austria and consists of aviation, business, logistics experts and experts in the development of complex IT systems and Blockchain solutions. In the development and project team (as well as in strategic and operational functions), partners, advisers, and employees of the respective partner companies or founders are all involved. There is an overall combination of more than 150 years of experience in IT, business management, aviation on the AVINOC team, hugely benefiting the envisioned success for the platform.

The vision of AVINOC has been expressed on their whitepaper:

“Using existing resources, we will create and operate the initial infrastructure necessary for AVINOC and, as part of the project, we will expand it with strategic partners and authorities – and let everyone participate in it. With AVINOC we will deliver a significant contribution to the future of general business aviation, the BizAv.”

With no other blockchain technology startup like AVINOC, it is very likely that their goals will be successfully achieved, creating a whole new way for users to travel and airlines to work in an exceptional environment.

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