Blockchain Startup COSS and Romania’s Eva Energy Join Forces to Enable Cryptocurrency Bill Payments in the Country

Place/Date: Bucharest, Romania - July 21st, 2017 at 7:05 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Maria, Source: COSS

Romanian pro-blockchain energy supply company, Eva Energy has announced that it will now be accepting gas and electricity bill payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. C.O.S.S.PTE LTD (COSS), the Singaporean blockchain company has partnered with the energy company, providing the payment solution necessary to make this breakthrough possible. Eva Energy is an outstanding player in Romania’s energy sector, renowned for its progressive thinking and passion for innovation. It is pioneering in cryptocurrency adoption within the industry.

Eva Energy has been pursuing innovation since its conception in 2012. The company was founded by Austrian entrepreneur Cristian Hagmann, an expert in voltage networks, IT energy services, network automation research, and energy market analysis. Hagmann has over 20 years of business experience within the respective fields. The company has been destined to be a pathfinder in subscription based power supply in Romania.

Explaining the background of Eva Energy, the company’s CEO Christian Hagmann said,

“In 2010, I was invited to a conference in Romania to speak about smart networks. Back then we were catering IT energy services and network automation research. We conducted the energy market analysis in Romania and discovered that the demand for smart metering was strong, that’s how Eva Energy was founded. To enhance its development, we applied an innovative approach to portfolio structuring, and were the first ones who tried it in Romania,”

In 2015 Eva Energy started re-thinking its payment media, partnering with PayPoint to enable payments for its bills via terminals in convenience stores across Romania, effectively reducing fees. More recently the company launched ‘energy cards’ to introduce its 70K+ customers to flexible payment methods.

By 2019, the company aims to cater gas and electricity to 300K customers, providing them with the option to pay their monthly bills in any cryptocurrency offered through the COSS payment gateway. According to its 5-year business plan, Eva Energy estimates to generate EUR 55.5M as a result of geographical expansion and growth by establishing distributor networks and direct operation in selective markets. The company will also aim to raise EUR 5M by issuing new products. Eva Energy also targets human resource investment and investment in assets to support its plans for growth and capitalization. For this purpose, the company will soon issue BITWATT, an energy trading platform and token.

Eva Energy is currently enabling cryptocurrency billing with not only Bitcoin but an entire array of cryptocurrencies. The provider of such an advanced solution is COSS that has developed a payment gateway / POS for its customers accepting cryptocurrency payments for their services and products to boost the adoption rate. COSS is currently supporting a broad range of cryptocurrencies on its exchange including BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XEM, LSK, PAY, BNT, SNM, VRS, ARK, TaaS, CVC.

The COSS platform continues to extend support for new coins on a frequent basis. There are times when a new cryptocurrency is added to the platform each week. In the coming days, it plans to include support for DDF and other tokens. Cristian Hagmann has joined the COSS advisory board as Corporate Strategy Advisor prior to the presale of COSS tokens. The tokens will be officially available for purchase from August 8, 2017, during the Token Swap (ICO). The two companies signed an MOU to seal their strategic partnership and to contribute to each other’s expansive development plans.

About Eva Energy

Eva Energy is a Romanian energy supply company dedicated to delivering integrated utilities – electricity and natural gas to industrial and domestic customers since 2012. The company has gained substantial market share as a result of its customer-oriented policy and concern for the development and the quality of supplied electricity. Aiming to meet the needs of both the eligible and the home-based consumers through competitive products and consumer-friendly services, Eva Energy maintains a stable portfolio while maintaining flexibility, and continued expansion to new markets.


COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution, a platform that encompasses all aspects of a digital ecosystem based on cryptocurrency aimed at spreading its adoption. COSS addresses the massive adoption of cryptocurrency by means of the features such as: payment gateway / POS, merchant list, digital marketplace, e-wallet, exchange, etc. It is currently pre-selling icrts revenue-generating token, named COSS, that can earn its holders the revenues in all other cryptocurrencies. You can follow the updates from COSS via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slack and LinkedIn.

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