Blockchain Startup Zilliqa Adds Banking Tech Leaders Alexander Lipton, Stuart Prior to Its Advisory Board

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Blockchain Startup Zilliqa Adds Banking Tech Leaders Alexander Lipton, Stuart Prior to Its Advisory Board
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Zilliqa, the world’s first high-throughput public blockchain platform, has just welcomed Alexander Lipton and Stuart Prior onboard its team.

Singapore-based high-speed Blockchain platform Zilliqa has recently announced on company’s official blog that its team was joined by two leaders of banking and financial technology – Alexander Lipton and Stuart Prior, as Zilliqa is getting ready to release their public testnet and source code to developers.

As Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa, comments:

“We are truly honored that both Alexander and Stuart have agreed to come on board and help us build Zilliqa into world class blockchain platform. The fact these true visionaries in banking and fintech have seen the potential in our technology is a testament to Zilliqa. I’m sure Zilliqa will greatly benefit from their experience and expertise to build the blockchain platform for high-throughput dApps.”

Zilliqa is a company to represent a very new blockchain platform designed to scale thousands of transactions per second. It is based upon the so-called ‘sharding’ technology, which enables high-transaction rates and the throughput of VISA and Mastercard. The company has already reached its breakthrough of 2,488 transactions per second on an internal testnet.

Alex Lipton formerly worked as Managing Director at Bank of America and led the Quant group among several other roles. He is an absolute expert in distributed ledger, digital currencies and payment systems, the author of over a hundred research works, two published books, and the official editor of another six books.

Stuart Prior is a FinTech veteran with 20+ years of experience in Corporate and Investment banking technology and an advocate for the blockchain technology and crypto finance. He took part in the development of ultra-high frequency and low-latency trading and large-scale data management applications in some of world largest banks, such as Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

Using the imposing experience and high professionalism of the two experts, Zilliqa team expects to figure out the best strategies aiming to develop a blockchain platform, that will not only make high-volume transactions easier, but also enable new applications and new businesses to leverage secure and decentralized blockchain technology.

Xinshu Dong explains:

“Zilliqa started as an idea, back in 2015, to solve the scalability bottleneck of blockchain technology. This then became a research paper that has now become a working product on our testnet. Each step we are evolving and now we are ready to begin opening the potential of this technology to the public. Having visionaries like Alexander and Stuart guiding Zilliqa, alongside the incredible tech and business team we have put together, is truly an honor and an indication that our technology has reached a phase where we can begin to see the commercial applications.”

In December 2017, Zilliqa plans to release the awaited source code and a public testnet for the public and developers to test its functionality, performance, and robustness, and to start the development of high-throughput blockchain applications on the platform.

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