BPro Celebrates Its Second Anniversary with Great Performance

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BPro Celebrates Its Second Anniversary with Great Performance
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Holders of the BPro tokens can be sure that they have absolute control over their tokens as they have control over their keys.

Bitcoin (BTC) may be the official benchmark for sizing the fast-growing digital currency ecosystem, but the Money on Chain (MoC) protocol, through its BPro token, has created a system to give users more value beyond BTC. The protocol’s flagship token, BPro is known to outperform Bitcoin by about 30%, a feature that makes it extremely rewarding for users who hold the token.

About the BPro Token and its Functionalities

BPro token is native to the Money on Chain decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that is built atop the RSK Infrastructure network. The BPro token follows the RRC20 standard and can be used for transactions across any DeFi protocol on the RSK network. The token is unique in that it rewards BTC holders by offering them free leverage, passive income, and flexibility across the board.

The free leverage provision is made possible through the Dollar on Chain (DoC) token holders. During periods of market bull runs, the price of BPro is naturally expected to increase slightly more than that of Bitcoin. This lets users make larger profits at such a time in the market. The passive income earned by BPro holders is made possible as users receive rBTC rewards that are paid by traders doing BTC leveraged operations. As 100% of the interest paid by BTCx goes to BPro, the inherent value of the token rises periodically

The earning streams for BPro investors also lie in the MOC protocol fees which are often paid out to the token holders. MOC fees are paid every time the tokens associated with MOC including DoC, BPro, and BTCx are minted or redeemed.

Another functionality that BPro tokens will afford its investors is that they can partake in MOC’s liquidity mining program. Holders are able to participate in the governance of the protocol, and they can even earn more by staking their tokens to get more rewards. The BPro token is fully redeemable with Bitcoin, making it even more functional with an easy liquidity push.

A Synchrony of Safety and Convenience

With many blockchain protocols out there today, the RSK protocol stands out as it helps interface with the world’s first digital currency-Bitcoin. The protocol draws on the safety of the Bitcoin blockchain, and this is also translated into the MOC protocol. As such, holders of the BPro tokens can be sure that they have absolute control over their tokens as they have control over their keys.

MOC is non-custodial and users can safeguard their BPro tokens on any compatible wallet of their choice. The safety guarantee afforded by the RSK network also makes the protocol censorship-resistant. With users controlling their own keys, their funds would be protected at all times against attackers or hackers (which usually target exchanges and centralized platforms).

In all, the possibility to create the DoC stablecoin enhances the overall utility of the MoC platform and caps the essence, usability, and ambitions of the BPro token ecosystem.

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