Derivatives Exchange BTCMEX Launches Affiliate Program and $120 Trading Bonus

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Derivatives Exchange BTCMEX Launches Affiliate Program and $120 Trading Bonus
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Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BTCMEX is making a play to increase its lot in the market sector through its incentivized affiliate program and trading bonus.

Crypto Derivative Markets are Trendy

Cryptocurrency derivatives were a major highlight of the cryptocurrency market in 2019. Data collected in the past year already reveals how the derivatives market outperformed the spot market and more recently, the buzz is becoming more intense as speculation suggest that this market will double the size of its counterpart spot market in the near future. More so, increased competition in derivative products has been instrumental in the growth of the sector.

For cryptocurrency exchanges, inclusion in this emerging market play – “the surge of derivative products”, is without a doubt pertinent. A handful of exchanges have begun the transition from a spot-only exchange by padding their existing services with derivative products, to becoming an all-encompassing cryptocurrency trading platform. One of such exchanges includes BTCMEX, an upcoming cryptocurrency derivative platform that offers one of the most feature-rich and competitive services in the derivatives market.

BTCMEX was founded by Li Xiaolai, a savvy cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor, and notably the biggest Bitcoin adopter in China. He has also been involved in some of the few successful cryptocurrency startups, to include Steemit and BigOne cryptocurrency exchange.

BTCMEX operates on the core values of people, trust, and innovation, which constantly directs the team’s effort to create a fair and transparent exchange that is accessible by all, regardless of trading expertise.

BTCMEX Platform Features

Apart from its diligent team of developers, BTCMEX stands out in its 100,000 TPS per trading pair with as low as 1ms latency, thereby being 10 times higher than what’s obtainable on an average in the industry. More so, the exchange features low and flexible fees structure, multilingual live customer support, and a 100% trading uptime buffered by Hot Fix and Off-site system backups.

For BTCMEX, security is a top priority and has employed the use of a multi-signature cold wallet with top-notch security features vetted by international auditors to secure users’ assets. The platform is also optimized for the best desktop and mobile experiences.

Currently, BTCMEX offers its traders a leverage opportunity of up to 100x in order to optimize their trading experiences as they maximize their ROI while trading.

The platform is furnished with educational resources to help all types of traders get informed on the developments within the industry. Further, the BTCMEX team is currently developing an AI-enabled price prediction system that traders can leverage to improve their trading strategies.

Promotional Offers


In less than three months of operation, BTCMEX is rising to become one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives markets, as it currently boasts of more than $50 million USD in daily trading volume. In order to increase its sphere of influence and garner more support from the cryptocurrency community, it is offering traders the opportunity to earn up to $120 daily as a trading bonus on its platform. More so, it has launched a competitive affiliate program which promises to be one of the most lucrative in the industry.

As a show of good faith, BTCMEX is offering new users the privilege of testing the platform with a live account funded with a $10 registration bonus. To further make things interesting, it is also offering a daily trading bonus of as much as $120 to all new users. To claim the $10 Ignition Trading Bonus new users are expected to follow and retweet @btcmexglobal.

Should new users decide to make an initial deposit of at least 0.1 BTC, a $50 Booster Bonus is credited to the trading account, or should 0.3 BTC be deposited, $60 Nitro Bonus will be credited to the new user’s account.

With BTCMEX’s Affiliates Program, users can earn up to 60% in commissions from direct traffic, including Maker Fees payments. Indirect traffic from sub-affiliates brings an additional 20%.  Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can take advantage of this opportunity and make a living out of one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Click here to sign up and start earning your $120 today!

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