Burger King Joins NFT Craze with Its ‘Keep It Real Meals’ Campaign

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Burger King Joins NFT Craze with Its ‘Keep It Real Meals’ Campaign
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As part of the Real Meals NFT Campaign, Burger King will put QR codes to six million meal boxes that can be unlocked as digital collectibles with other goodies like 3D Burger King digital collectibles, autographed goods, and Whooper sandwiches for a year.

On Tuesday, September 21, fast food retail giant Burger King announced stepping into the rapidly emerging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. The auction for the company’s new ‘Keep It Real Meals’ NFT will happen on the NFT marketplace Sweet. Besides, Burger King has also joined hands with some of the popular artists like LILHUDDY (Chase Hudson), Nelly (Cornell Haynes Jr.), and Anitta (Larissa Machado). With this new Real Meals NFT campaign, Burger King will put QR codes on nearly 6 million meal boxes.

Customers can then scan them and unlock three different kinds of digital collectibles. By collecting all of these NFT game pieces aka digital collectibles, the customers will be able to unlock bonus NFTs that will have some exciting utilities.

Additional rewards include 3D Burger King digital collectibles, autographed goods, and Whooper sandwiches for a year. Furthermore, it also includes a “once in a lifetime call with one of the campaign’s celebrities”.

To participate in this campaign, customers will first have to create an account on Sweet.io’s NFT marketplace. This platform is quite popular among celebrities as it allows them to offer unique limited edition digital merchandise to their fans.

Also, a few months back, Sweet entered into a partnership with e-commerce giant Shopify. The two together will store owners, brands, and IP holders an opportunity to sell NFTs through their online storefronts. The idea is to expand the reach of digital collectibles and drive mainstream adoption.

Burger King and Other Brands Joining the NFT Bandwagon

Burger King is not the first big brand to jump into the NFT craze. Last month, beer brand Budweiser joined the NFT bandwagon by purchasing the beer.eth domain.

The company changed its official Twitter profile picture to a rocket ship designed by Tom Sachs. As per the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, it is one of the multiple creations by the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory.

As per reports, Budweiser purchased this NFT for eight ETHs. Besides, it reportedly paid 30 ETH for the Beer.eth domain. Budweiser’s parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev also delved into the world of NFTs with its Stella Artois brand.

Financial giant Visa has been also among the latest to join the NFT craze. Last week, Visa purchased one of the most popular CryptoPunk NFTs #7610 for a staggering $150,000. Visa’s head of crypto, Cuy Sheffield, said that NFTs will play a pivotal role in the future of commerce, entertainment, and retail.

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