Bytom Launches 2019 Global Dev Competition and a $30,000 Prize Pool for First Place to Foster Ecosystem Growth

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Bytom Launches 2019 Global Dev Competition and a $30,000 Prize Pool for First Place to Foster Ecosystem Growth

Public blockchain Bytom has announced its second DevCon global competition, that will be held in September 2019. Blockchain developers will compete for a prize pool of $100,000 USD, with first price take-home of as much as $30,000 USD.

Bytom public blockchain represents itself an interactive protocol that allows for registering, exchanging and gambling of heterogeneous byte-assets (indigenous digital currency, digital assets) that operate in different forms on the Bytom Blockchain and atomic assets (warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information and so forth). Via Bytom, assets can also be engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations.

As the global leading blockchain project, Bytom has been committed to the popularization and research of blockchain technology. For that purpose, the company has recently announced the Bytom Global Dev competition – DevCon2, which is targeted at hunting new talents in the field of blockchain development. After the successful launch of its first Bytom Devcon in 2018, Bytom now seeks to add even more value to its ecosystem, so that to keep it sustainable and open-source. The second Bytom Devcon is planned to be held in September 2019.

The first DevCon tagged “Smart Contract Will Blockchainize the World – Innovative Thought Under Blockchain” was held in Hangzhou, China. The challenge was taken by 100 Dev teams from around the globe – the US, South Korea, Europe, and China. At the end of the competition, 16 teams were left to try themselves in the final round and to share a prize pool of about 2 million BTM tokens.

Bytom has announced its DevCon2 at the New York Blockchain conference in May. Developers from all over the world looking to take part in the further promoting the application of blockchain technology, already have a possibility to register for the upcoming challenge on the DevCon official website. The registration phase will last until the 2 August. The competition is planned to be held in San Francisco.

The bars for this year’s competition may have been raised as more use case-centered projects may be demand rather than moon-shot blockchain designs, since last year’s competition featured among others, a decentralized digital asset swap platform, a river management system, a database for drivers and cars, and a block browser.

Each entrant team will be made up of 5 members, and the conditions for developing products is to build relative to the Bytom ecosystem or its smart contract, which will further be assessed by the organizers before they are allowed to participate in the competition. The judging criteria will include but not limited to industry value, security designs, UI/UX design, and creativity.

Not only the ambitions related to blockchain tech field, but also the financial side can attract developers to participating in the event. While showcasing their products among other developers, the participants who manage to get to the final round will also enjoy a great opportunity to share the prize pool. This year, it will be $100,000 USD in Bytom (BTM) tokens.

The outstanding team will go home with as much as $30,000 worth of BTM. The competition will see two runner-ups each taking home $10,000 USD worth of BTM as well as three third-place qualifiers each taking home $5,000 USD in the final round. Other good projects will be recognized with about 10 of the best of them to earn $3,000 USD worth of BTM.

Spectators are not left out of the competition as long as they can refer an overseas team to enter the preliminary successfully, earning them $500 USD in BTM. Should the team make it to the final round, it’s an extra $500 USD in BTM for the referrer.

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