Cardalonia Readies for Land NFT Mint Ahead of Cardano Vasil Hard Fork despite $LONIA’s Ongoing Presale

Place/Date: - August 11th, 2022 at 12:16 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Cardalonia, Source: Cardalonia

Cardalonia, a metaverse project built on the Cardano network, has unveiled its plan to begin the “Terrania Land NFT” sale. It intends to start in September 2022, with its $LONIA token holders becoming the first beneficiaries. These token holders will be the first to join the land NFT sale after the end of its ongoing token presale.


This announcement came after the highly anticipated Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Combinator event experienced several delays. This hard fork event is geared to increase Cardano’s throughput and speed. Interestingly, the Cardalonia Metaverse project has received widespread acceptance with several partners, such as Readyplayerme, with a non custodial staking vault allowing $LONIA token holders to stake in the Cardalonia Vault.

In addition, $LONIA token holders with Adahandle NFTs will be able to create customized avatars as it prepares to deploy its Metaverse games. Cardalonia is among the first metaverse project on Cardano to build a non-custodial stalking vault on the Cardano network that allows people to stake and receive rewards. More than 8 million $LONIA tokens worth over 600,000 ADA are already staked.

According to the marketing manager:

“Cardalonia is a creator-centric metaverse and play-to-earn platform that offers full interaction with NFTs and CNTs powered by the $LONIA utility token. Cardalonia is on a mission to become the go-to metaverse project on the Cardano ecosystem, known for its careful approach based on a peer-reviewed system.”

Furthermore, token holders can create, personalize, and modify their experiences on the Cardalonia metaverse. More importantly, users can mine, hunt, and extract resources as NFTs tradable on the Cardano NFT Marketplace. Token holders can use their tokens in several ways, such as staking to receive more than 20% APY rewards with their tokens in their wallet.

The token will give users access to the Cardalonia platform, where they can buy avatars, properties, and in-game goods. Additionally, it allows token owners to vote on important matters like the fees for the Cardalonia marketplace and the addition or deletion of features.

The presale of the $LONIA token started on July 5, 2022, with discounts available for investors before its official listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. The presale ends 45 days after the initial starting date or once the total purchases reach the hard cap. Investors can use this link to buy the $LONIA token. Currently, the price is fixed at 12 $LONIA for each ADA coin.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a Cardano blockchain-based metaverse play-to-earn game project. It has maintained its popularity in the crypto market due to its uniqueness, functionality, dedicated team, and other distinguishing features.

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