Cardano Developers Postpone Vasil Upgrade Due to Outstanding Technical Bugs

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Cardano Developers Postpone Vasil Upgrade Due to Outstanding Technical Bugs
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According to the network’s developers, the Cardano Vasil hard fork will be delayed until later to fix operational glitches.

The Cardano (ADA) development team has delayed its scheduled Vasil hard fork. According to Input Output Global (IOG), the plan ran into some technical bugs which are currently still being tested. The Cardano team decided to work on the seven bugs, thereby delaying the upgrade. According to the team:

“The IOG engineering team is extremely close to finalizing the core work, with just seven bugs still outstanding to complete the hard fork work, with none currently ranked as ‘severe’. After some consideration, we have agreed NOT to send the hard fork update proposal to the testnet today to allow more time for testing.”

As a result, Cardano developers are now looking at a late June release on the testnet. The team specified that the outstanding items are necessary for a successful launch. IOG said it’s doing all it can to ensure everything works as expected.

Cardano Developers & dApp Development Community Consultations

The Cardano development team plans to consult with the ecosystem’s decentralized application (dApp) development community. The team considers this necessary to take a final decision to hard fork the Cardano Testnet. Cardano’s consultation with the community will cover some of the criteria required to float the upgrade. These include conducting benchmarking tests for the software, as well as clearing any critical issues in testing. In addition, Cardano will also ask the developer community for more time to retest their dApps before the hard fork. According to the Cardano development team:

“The project continues to track well against these criteria. Once we can comfortably and confidently tick all these boxes, we can move forward and hard fork the Cardano testnet, marking the final countdown to the mainnet hard fork.”

Additional News on Cardano Vasil Upgrade

The network upgrade, Vasil, will increase scaling capabilities on the Cardano network. Hard forks generally require network upgrades that involve the validation and may make older ones invalid. These changes also occur alongside predetermined new rules instead of old ones.

The delay in the Cardano Vasil upgrade did not induce any negative investor sentiments. In fact, according to price data, Cardano’s native ADA tokens were up 5.6% in the last 24 hours. This was enough to comfortably surpass leading crypto Bitcoin’s (BTC) 3.9% surge.

As part of the proposed consultation, Cardano says it will decide on hard forking the testnet based on three key points. Firstly, there will be no critical outstanding issues on node (ledger, CLI, consensus, etc) and internal audit functions. Also, both sides of the consultation must find performance-cost analysis and benchmarking acceptable. Lastly, all players in the community, including DApp projects and exchanges, should have advance information so they can prepare for the hard fork combinator event.

As of press time, ADA is changing hands at $0.4959.

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