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PayPal Launches New Blockchain-Based Token System for It’s Employees
December 15th, 2018

Paypal, an online payment system platform has mostly avoided Bitcoin implementation till now. But, recently it has rolled out an internal employee incentive program that is based on Blockchain technology.

SWIFT Beats Back Competing Blockchain and FinTech Solutions with Its New Payment System
December 10th, 2018

The service is expected to enable speedy and seamless transactions, reduce delays and costs, and increase efficiencies in the payments process.

Mastercard Develops a New Way of Keeping Crypto Transactions Private
December 8th, 2018

MasterCard has filed a patent application in an attempt to implement a new strategy of maintaining the anonymity of crypto transactions. The company seeks to attract users who prefer transactions anonymity.

4 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Facebook
December 4th, 2018

Survival in today’s competitive marketplace requires more than just running a functional store. Merchants must brand their businesses to distinguish them from “the pack.” Check out how Facebook can help you build brand awareness.

XRP Holders Finally Made Skrill Add the Second Largest Crypto to the Platform
December 3rd, 2018

Following a row of requests received from the community, internet payment system Skrill has recently added XRP to its platform.

Should PayPal and Apple Pay Be Afraid of Amazon Pay?
November 29th, 2018

Amazon Pay surges in popularity on merchant websites. Financials host Jason Moser believes PayPal and Apple Pay have clear tech advantages and contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, thinks that Amazon’s familiarity gives it an advantage as more consumers adopt digital wallets.

Amazon Further Targets Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Aggressively Promoting Its Payment System
November 26th, 2018

To dominate the retail world, e-commerce giant Amazon is persuading brick-and-mortar merchants to accept its mobile payments system Amazon Pay.

Xsolla Adds Mobilego (MGO) as a New Payment Method for Developers and Gamers Globally
October 22nd, 2018

For the first time in the history of digital assets, MGO is going to witness massive adoption by 500,000,000+ users of Xsolla, the world’s leading payment processor conceived specially for gaming.

Lightning Network in Use: Mocked-up Vending Machine Starts Accepting Bitcoins Through LN
October 3rd, 2018

Coca Cola can now be purchased with BTC, due to the power of the Lightning Network and Richardo Reis, the creator of a new crypto-capable vending machine.

SBI Group Tests ‘S Coin’ Token for Retail Payments over Users’ Smartphones
September 26th, 2018

The Japanese banking giant plans on rolling out the “S Coin” in an attempt to dominate the mobile payments sector. This new project fits the overall vision of the company to ultimately help Japan turn cashless.