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CCN: Here’s How Google Killed Crypto Media Powerhouse

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by Ikenna Uwakwe · 3 min read
CCN: Here’s How Google Killed Crypto Media Powerhouse
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Google policies have never really been in support of crypto-related businesses. With the ’Google core update’ controversy which cost CCN life, many are starting to believe the SEO giants are ”Anti-Crypto”.

The recent Google Core Update had top cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites in jitters. This new modification process seems to be an act of discrimination on the path of the American tech corporation towards cryptocurrency channels and businesses.

This move affected the major blockchain news platforms drastically. According to the data provisioned by, shortly after the update was implemented; CoinDesk dropped by 34.6%, CoinTelegraph by 21.1% and CCN dropping by 71% is enough reason to believe so.

What Really is This Google Update?

Google’s June 2019 broad core algorithm update was officially implemented on the 3rd of June. The update is part of a yearly routine by the SEO giants towards ensuring a flawless search engine optimization on their platform. With a major benefit of boosting traffic for already in-demand webpages and diminishing visitors’ influx on their “clickbait” pairs. Google had earlier stated, that it informs its clients about these changes beforehand as the process involves nothing but ’simple fixes’. A tweet by Google Search Liaison affirms:

This statement nonetheless, was counteracted by CCN. According to a recent post on the platform by its Founder, Jonas Borchgrevink replied:

”Give a three month’s notice to all webmasters, let alone news organizations, of any major Google Core Update and elaborate what it might affect.”

What Actually Went Wrong?

CCN formerly known as CryptoCoinNews is a crypto media powerhouse founded in 2013, with such recognition as having the highest traffic for a crypto media outlet. The crypto blogging site was apically dazed after the Google update and subsequently decided to hang the boots and sell off their blogging rights stating that the company went down by more than 90% in revenue and could not keep up with their over the 60-man team.

Following a recent discovery, a Finland PR company has shown interest in acquiring the crypto blog. But their Scandinavian-based competitor – Stankevicius MGM – a company distinguished for buying dead crypto sites, seems to be winning the race for the bid to purchase the defunct crypto media company.

In the bid to call out the attention of everyone and anyone that matters in the tech world. The Founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency news site, Jonas Borchgrevink, cries foul as he stated:

“While CCN is unbiased as a news site – meaning no political agenda from the editorial board – we have allowed all sorts of opinions from journalists and guest writers. From the far left to the far right. Many of our political Op-Eds have been “Pro-Trump.”

Remember: We are mainly a crypto centered news site. Cryptocurrencies started with Bitcoin in 2009 as a counteraction against the financial meltdown and the cartel-like power possessed by banks and The FED (which is privately owned). Bitcoin is, or at least was supposed to be, DECENTRALIZED. We are true to the crypto community with our slogan: We Are Anti-Elite, We Are Anti-Centralization.”

Is This Yet Another Cryptocurrency ‘Repression’?

Judging from the past, Google hasn’t been an advocate for crypto-related projects following an announcement in March 2018, that all cryptocurrency affiliated startups were to be banned from buying ads on the Google AdWords.

Although the search engine power-house has its sister company – Alphabet, involved with blockchain, however a handful of blockchain proponents still regards the SEO in this light.

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