Censorship Free Internet: Arbolet Now Available in English

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Censorship Free Internet: Arbolet Now Available in English

Arbolet, a Czech-based peer-to-peer communication network, will bring the true freedom of information to global users with the platform’s English version launched.

The internet was originally envisioned as a virtual space where information was free and everyone had access to information of all kind, without a big brother telling us what was right and what was wrong. Over the years, regulatory authorities and governments have gained control and now decide what internet users can (and cannot) access. Information freedom is dead.

Arbolet is a true peer-to-peer communication network, which allows users to operate services just like the internet. Users can communicate with each other, send and receive data, operate online businesses and even watch movies. The services it offers are vast, such as crypto wallet (with fiat support), payment processor and gateway, trading, a vast network of information and news, anonymous web browser and even crypto banking.

The Arbolet platform is essentially an internet within an internet, with no privacy violations or a central command that controls data flow. The platform’s popularity is evident that it has more than 25,000 active users. A Czech-based platform, it has been growing for three years. Now, it has decided to go truly international with the launch of its English based services. The platform is actively seeking out people who would translate its services into English, so that every person from across the globe could access the same unrestricted internet as any Czech citizen can.

The Arbolet platform started their services as a crypto wallet, but have become much more than that. The platform has multiple financial services, like allowing users to earn through depositing their cryptos in virtual banks and earning up to 21% interest per annum. The users even have the option to fix their amount against supported fiat currencies in order to avoid crypto value fluctuations.

With cryptocurrencies as mediums of exchange, people can buy and sell without involvement of banks and other financial institutions eating into their funds in the form of processing fee. The platform allows users to share their business ideas  with the platform developers, who are always ready to work with them to not only build the idea into a reality, but integrate it into their platform to create a free market for the users, by the users.

Arbolet offers many other services that help users monetize their skills, talents and services. It has a member service and second hand shop where users can buy or sell anything.  There are a number of classic PC games that are bitcoin themed and allow players to earn as they complete levels.

In progress are other useful works such as a job platform, allowing users to list their skills and CVs for part and full time jobs. For avid users of the platform who intend to use its financial services outside, the platform correlates with a service provider for a crypto credit card that could be used anywhere in the world. The platform also has a large collection of articles and a very active community that is ready to help and educate others on the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

With the launch of its English version, the platform will truly bring freedom of information as it is meant to be.

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