Chainlink and Theta Network Might Lose Their Art Demographic to Cryptoons

Place/Date: - December 18th, 2022 at 10:41 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Chainlink and Theta Network Might Lose Their Art Demographic to Cryptoons

Strong communities have been established, and the crypto sector has benefited greatly from Chainlink (LINK) and Theta network (THETA). Through the creation of a platform where both sides can cohabit, Cryptoon (CTOON) hopes to close the gap between art and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptoons Is Set To Flood The Crypto Space With Art Lovers

As a project, Cryptoons is set to give its users access to comic books, graphic novels, mangas, and webcomics. The team behind the project will make sure that every person who joins Cryptoons gets a legitimate return on their time and money. To do this, they have created a system that is efficient for sellers, buyers, and producers.

The two main items produced by Cryptoons are the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) factory and Cosmic Launchpad. If consumers are looking for a single location to select the best comic books as well as graphic novel content, the cosmic Launchpad is their best choice. On these projects, manga and comic book lovers are cooperating to make sure they make the platform amazing for all lovers of art in general.

Taking a deeper look at its NFT factory, this will manifest as an ecosystem for manga-based NFTs. In this ecosystem, there will be sellers, buyers, and producers. NFT creators would only be allowed if they could guarantee the authenticity of their work. An NFT may be sold on Cryptoons by anyone who bought it on the platform. For each NFT sold, the creator would receive a percentage of the overall sum. This additional expense will be similar to royalties paid in the real world. This endeavor will benefit a thriving community of manga readers and creators.

Chainlink Is Trusted Not Just By Its Users But Also By Big Companie​​

Chainlink and Theta Network Might Lose Their Art Demographic to Cryptoons

The Chainlink network, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, uses the LINK token as its native digital currency. Chainlink (the first blockchain oracle network) debuted in 2017. Easy data flow from external sources to blockchain smart contracts is made possible by an oracle network on the blockchain. In addition to its movement of data from sources on the blockchain to other external sources, the Chainlink network also checks and interprets the information it receives for use on the blockchain.

Node operators help verify incoming data before they send them to their intended destination. After doing their work, users will be rewarded with LINK tokens, which are ERC-677 tokens. Chainlink (LINK) has a solid presence in the cryptocurrency market and significant partnerships with huge companies like Intel and Google Cloud because of its age.

Theta Network Rewards Its Users

Born in 2017 as the Brian child of Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long, Theta Network (THETA) was created to employ blockchain technology to transform the video streaming market. Although it competes with some of the largest brands in streaming video, including Netflix and Hulu, it has an advantage over them because of its decentralization.

Theta Network also costs less to operate, giving its users value while saving them money. Of all it has to offer, its largest benefit is that it enables all users to make money. There are two tokens used by the Theta Network, these are TFUEL tokens, which the network uses to reward users, and Theta Network (THETA) tokens, which act as its governance token.

Aside from its decentralization — which is a big plus, the Theta Network is far more secure than conventional centralized platforms and does not experience network disruptions thanks to its usage of blockchain technology.

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