Cheapest 5G Phone from Samsung to Launch on Friday

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Cheapest 5G Phone from Samsung to Launch on Friday
Galaxy A71 5G. Photo: Samsung US Newsroom

This week South Korean electronics giant Samsung is going to launch Galaxy A71 5G which is stated to be the cheapest 5G phone in the U.S. market. The model is described as an “innovation in everyday essentials”.

The Galaxy A71 5G will be launched in the U.S. this Friday. According to a Monday release from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX: 005930), the phone will be the cheapest 5G phone in the U.S. market being priced at $599.99.

The Galaxy A71 is Samsung’s A-series phone that is lower priced than its premium Galaxy phones known as S-series. Although both phone categories are 5G, the Galaxy class which consists of S20 and S-Ultra have the added advantage of support for faster mmWave which is available in some parts of the United States. The A71 5G scheduled for launch on Friday doesn’t support 5G mmWave even though it is not widely available. This means that many users wouldn’t have access to such mmWave enabled networks even if they use the S series Galaxy.

Cheapest 5G Phone Designed by Samsung

At $599.9, the A71 is the cheapest 5G phone. It is $100 cheaper than Oneplus 8 from T-Mobile. Its external casing is made of plastic unlike the S series with its metal and glass components. Another feature of the high-end S series is a premium chip instead of the Qualcomm processors found in the A71.

Galaxy A71 phone also has a big 6.7-inch screen. It supports fast charging like its high-end category. Its multiple camera gives the user greater flexibility while taking pictures. Close shots can be adjusted to create wider fields of view so that the image incorporates a clearer background making it more scenic. This is made possible through its wide-angle camera function.

The release stated:

“The powerful rear quad-camera system on Galaxy A71 5G gives you the tools you need to capture the world in stunning detail.”

With many phone users desiring higher storage, the A71 5G meets that need through its high capacity storage facility. The release by Samsung noted that the new phone will be available on Friday through T-Mobile and Sprint. The company also hinted that versions of it will be available later this Summer through Verizon and AT&T.

Innovation in Everyday Essentials

On the company’s website, Samsung promoted the phone as an “innovation in everyday essentials” adding that it features all that the consumer cares about. It added that it unleashed a whole new experience in the use of mobile phones such as stronger network experience, faster downloads and reliability which are features traditionally attributed to the 5G. In a blog post, the company wrote that it has been collaborating in research with network providers and carriers to give users great experience by making the 5G a reality.

The promotional article stated that the A71 5G’s camera makes taking pictures such as selfies a delight with an adjustment feature that enables the user set the background blur based on choice.

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