Check These Four Unique ICOs Coming in November

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Check These Four Unique ICOs Coming in November
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It may seem like the ICO craze is a bit like the wild west – full of do-it-yourselfers and rebelling against the man. Generally, in a climate like that, things go south pretty quickly. However, a quick perusal of the ICOs to date indicates differently.

Of course, there are always a few lemons in any crowd, but had an investor blindly invested in every Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to date (including those lemons), the return would have been around 1320%. That’s nothing to sniff at. Of course, had you only chosen a lemon, you’d be kicking yourself. No wonder investors are seeking out the best and brightest among ICOs for the future – hoping to capitalize on the gains and yet flee the risk.

But how to choose the winners amidst all the chaos? Below, we’ve compiled the list of the best and brightest ICOs coming in November.

1. Gladius

Gladius is a unique ICO because it provides a dual platform. Not only does it allow monetization and decentralization (which have already been used by other highly successful ICOs), but it offers a genuinely useful service to individuals and companies.

The blockchain platform allows users to monetize their unused bandwidth and join or create pools of bandwidth. Users generally don’t utilize all their available bandwidth, and so the system is essentially letting consumers monetize something they’re already losing anyway. There’s nothing better than informing people about ways they can be making money off of what they’re currently wasting.

But that isn’t the end of it. The pooled bandwidth can then be utilized through the peer-to-peer network by companies and individuals, both for DDoS attack protection, and for CDN services. Both of these services are already being used by corporations and individuals, but Gladius can offer them at better rates and with far greater effectiveness. Because the pooled bandwidth is decentralized, it provides a far better mechanism for stopping DDoS attacks and also for CDN services.

2. Confideal

Confideal is a special ICO with a broad application base for individuals, small business, and enterprise-level corporations. The platform is designed as a system for nearly any kind of peer-to-peer payment, including business to business (B2B) style money transfers.

Individuals are able to use the platform to create custom ERC20 tokens, conduct e-commerce,  and for creating smart contracts for leases with smart locks, freelancing payments, real estate escrows, and much more. Small businesses benefit by having access to instruments usually reserved for the big boys like international trade, automatic royalty payments, and internal trades. Enterprise-level corporations are able to use the platform for container shipping, internal deals, and chained and multilateral contracts.

These payment solutions aren’t the only benefit, either. The company also offers a full arbitration module with access to the top legal experts in their fields, open for arbitration. The platform runs on an internal currency, the CDL, which can be used by contributors to vote for arbiters, and use services at no charge. With so many options, the platform seems sure to succeed.

3. Spice VC

Spice VC token sale is particularly interesting. The platform is a hybrid between traditional VC funding mechanisms and a blockchain structure. Traditional VC funding models require investors to tie up funds with a startup for 7 to 10 years, making the funds inaccessible. This model limits traditional VC funding to only the very upper echelon of investors.

However, the Spice VC platform offers something uniquely different. By tokenizing the investments on the blockchain, Spice is able to allow investors liquid access to their funds immediately. Tokens can be exchange traded but will allow investors 100% of net exits, just like VC funds, but liquid.

Hybrid models that allow consumers access to otherwise exclusive investments have already proven themselves to be highly successful. The Spice VC team has designed a system that does the same, and with the most exclusive investment around – VC funding.

4. Neufund

Neufund is particularly interesting because it is NOT an ICO. Built on blockchain technology, the platform is seeking to open investment and fundraising through smart contracts. Designed to aid ICOs, provide investment platforms, and work as a bridge between the blockchain community and the investment space, the Neufund system promises to revolutionize funding.

Neufund is not offering an ICO. Rather, they are offering an Initial Capital Building Mechanism (ICBM – not the Intercontinental ballistic missile you may’ve thought). By building capital, the fund hopes to create a substantial pool that can then be directly invested into other startups and ICOs, enabling growth.


While there are a lot of ICOs coming onto the marketplace, these five hold genuine promise, not only because of the space they’re seeking to enter, but also because of the uniqueness of thought, and the existing business that is already at play. As the ICO market continues to mature, others will come on, but for now, picking the cream of the crop is important for investors and consumers alike.

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