Cindicator Partners with Svandis for Cryptocurrency Trading Analytics

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The combination of two different approaches to smarter crypto trading is expected to bring the users of both platforms to the new level of accuracy of financial forecasts.

The crypto invasion has opened a whole new world for investors. The news-breaking stories of bitcoin billionaires have inspired people all over the world to try themselves in financial trading. However, the crypto sphere has its traps and pitfalls. High volatility, risk of fraud and misinformation – all these factors are increasing the demand of investors in progressive analytical tools. Significant progress is expected in this sphere as two notable players of the market – Svandis and Cindicator –announce the strategic partnership.

Cindicator is the fintech company that has developed Hybrid Intelligence – the ecosystem created by the insights of over 100,000 decentralized analysts enhanced by AI and machine-learning models. The company has gained lots of support from the very beginning: it raised $15 million during the ICO, as previously reported by CoinSpeaker. The market cap of the CND token is $81.6 million; the list of customers includes such influential names as Bitfin Capital and The Token Fund.

The Cindicator ecosystem offers lots of solutions for investors. The list of available tools and products is impressive: arbitrage bot, monitoring of exchanges tech sustainability, indicators and market’s analytics and so on. A bright example is the Token Sale Review. This product enables identifying the most profitable token sales for long-term investment.

It is fair to say that Cindicator has created solid foundation for increase in the accuracy of financial forecasts. However, the new partnership is expected to boost the development of Hybrid Intelligence platform. The new achievement for Cindicator Symbiotic Network – strategic partnership with Svandis is a mutually beneficial decision.

Svandis has created the unified analytical and visualisation platform which works with crypto assets. The platform is turning rough data into valuable information. The area of the company’s interests includes language processing, machine learning and correlation analysis. At the moment the company is in the process of private pre-sale; the hard cap is $12 million.

The collaboration of Svandis and Cindicator is going to lead to a number of significant changes in both ecosystems. The main goal of the partnership is to increase the quality of both platforms for investors. Cindicator is to integrate the tools developed by Svandis’ into Hybrid Intelligence platform. As this platform is powered by the dedicated work of its community of analysts, this step will enable the access to the valuable data which leads to more informed market decisions.

Mike Brusov, CEO of Cindicator, commented on this partnership: “Cindicator and Svandis share a similar vision for better decision-making in crypto markets and beyond. While we are approaching this issue from different angles, there are strong synergies in combining forces.”

Svandis and Cindicator are the companies working in the same sphere. They could become rivals –instead of it they have decided to combine their efforts for delivering better user experience. This collaboration will not only bring extra value to the companies – the real winners are the users who get the better tools for financial trading.

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