Cocos-BCX: Leap-Ahead Environment for DApps and Digital Assets 

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Cocos-BCX: Leap-Ahead Environment for DApps and Digital Assets 
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Cocos-BCX helps developers offer better experiences using various software architectures and economic incentives. In the long term, Cocos-BCX Platform is considering transforming gaming business model from fee-based to asset-based. 

It’s high time we introduced a new blockchain-related project involved in the decentralized gaming industry that is believed by some to pioneer the development of the blockchain-enabled digital economy. Come to know Cocos BlockChain Expedition (Cocos BCX), a development and operating environment for decentralized gaming applications and digital assets.

Cocos-BCX is an easy-to-use development and operating infrastructure for game developers, many of whom are not familiar with decentralized applications or the economic mechanisms of blockchain applications.

As the whitepaper states, Cocos-BCX is aimed at helping developers offer better experiences using various software architectures and economic incentives. In the long term, the Cocos-BCX Platform is considering transforming the business model of gaming from fee-based to asset-based.

Cocos-BCX consists of Cocos-BCX blockchain game engine (a software framework and virtual machine that supports multiple blockchains, device types, and operating systems), an integrated development environment (IDE), and an underlying public blockchain — CocosChain, based on the Graphene framework and re-designed specifically for games and other high-performance applications.

Cocos-BCX stems from Cocos game engine which is the No1. game engine for instant games. Cocos-BCX itself started its development in November 2017.

In March 2018, the team released the first demo of the platform that included the components for game item generation, transfer and offline storage on the experimental version of Cocos virtual machine and CocosChain. In December 2018, Cocos-BCX TestNet was officially launched.

Among the strategic partners of the company are such names as Binance, HelloEOS, NEO, NEBULAS, Loom, and more.

Cocos-BCX Opening to Developers Globally

In March this year, Cocos-BCX was opened to the world with the release of its introduction video, where the platform and its technical design are described, its aims are outlined and a general overview of the project is provided.

A couple of days later, developers from the whole world got access to Cocos-BCX alpha testing (earlier, the Developer Program with 30 spots was only offered to Chinese developers who could join Alpha testing on Cocos-BCX TestNet). The program is open in the long run, and everybody can take part in it.

Those who become testers receive priority to participate in future events, technical and even financial support from Cocos-BCX.

On March 19, Haozhi Chen, Cocos-BCX founder, delivered a speech at Blockchain Games Next. He described their current market shares and explained how he sees the development of Cocos-BCX. According to Haozhi Chen, game streaming is the major trend of product format for the present game market, and game subscription will be a major revenue model.

Moreover, Haozhi Chen predicts that this year, China mini-games market will reach a total value of 3 billion USD. And as props trading will continuously arise in popularity, it will become the major business model, and Cocos-BCX will be ahead.

Cocos-BCX Terminal

Recently, Cocos-BCX launched its Terminal on Cocos-BCX testnet. Cocos-BCX Terminal is a user terminal that integrates a web wallet, a block monitor, a DApp store, and a game props trading platform.

Cocos Terminal offers multiple easy log-in modes for users, even for those who do not use cryptos. It is fully transparent on chain real-time statistics, that’s why users are able to check the details of their transactions and contracts executed on the CocosChain.

If the prediction of Cocos-BCX founder comes true and blockchain game asset trading will scale at 100 times as that of the traditional game market, Cocos-BCX has all chances to make a strong competition to the current best players in the industry.

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