Coinbase Users Can Now Trade Crypto with Apple Pay

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Coinbase Users Can Now Trade Crypto with Apple Pay
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With the integration of Apple Pay as viable payment support,  Coinbase intends to attract more customers.

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that they will be integrating Apple Pay as a payment support option in their exchange to promote growing crypto transactions.

Coinbase has confirmed that users holding a valid card by Visa or MasterCard linked with their Apple wallets will automatically have an option to make payments using Apple Pay without any additional issues.

Coinbase Adds Apple Pay Support on Their Platform to Target Retail Customers

In an announcement made on Thursday, Coinbase will be adding Apple Pay support to their platform in an attempt to strengthen and stimulate cryptocurrency transactions. The exchange also stated in the post that customers will have an option to make Real-Time payments (RTP) via linked bank accounts which will include instant and secure transactions worth $100,000.

The exchange has confirmed that US citizens who have a functional Visa and Mastercard linked with their Apple wallet can easily purchase crypto assets using Apple Pay. Coinbase is also pursuing active plans to integrate Google Pay as another vital payment option to target retail customers.

The real-time payment network is the newest addition to the Coinbase expansion strategy. The current bank network was operating on an automated clearing system which is known to be lengthy and is a process that can take up to several days to clear withdrawals and enable customers to secure cash. With the arrival of the new RTP system of Coinbase, consumers will be able to withdraw and secure cash instantly without encountering delays in the said process.

Coinbase with their latest move has given rise to growing speculation indicating that the recent addition of Apple Pay as payment support has been done to attract more retail customers and investors into the crypto domain and help them seek more clarity on the vast expanse of cryptocurrency networks. Apple Pay is used extensively all over the world and hosts a significant number of users which can be a source of added revenue for the exchange to work with.

Furthermore, the company has promised its consumers to offer a seamless crypto trading facility that will allow simplified payments in terms of purchase and trade of digital crypto assets to its users. With the integration of Apple Pay as viable payment support,  Coinbase intends to attract the local populace to experiment and trade their stake using their platform in a systematic and organized manner.

Coinbase has acquired a leading position as the world’s most trusted and significant cryptocurrency exchange. The organization has recently gone public and has accumulated investments surpassing $100M. The company is currently trading at a volume of $52 billion.

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