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Coinbase’ New Automated Security Scaling Tool Salus Made Available to the Public

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Coinbase’ New Automated Security Scaling Tool Salus Made Available to the Public
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Сoinbase has recently сreated an automated security tool and now it is available to the public via an open source code.

Security has always been one of the highest priorities for the well-known United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase that is at the same time the largest crypto exchange in the country by volume.

Recently it has become known that Coinbase developed a new automated security tool which is now available to the public through an open source code. The company has decided to name its tool after the Roman goddess of safety and well-being. So, it is called Salus.

Salus Security Tool

The company’s newly developed secutity tool is able to run and manage different security scanners automatically. Moreover, it can prepare reports on them. Coinbase has made the code absolutely available on GitHib to ensure that other teams can also use it.

Commenting the advantages for their platform of this new security tool Julian Borrey, one of the developers of the program, wrote:

“Salus coordinates security scanning across all the services we deploy at Coinbase. It helps us enforce security policies for each change made to a codebase and ensures there is a quick feedback loop with the developer about potential vulnerabilities.”

How It Works

As the company describes, the tool utilizes a combination of human code reviews and automated scans, such an approach helps to ensure that all the security measures have been undertaken for each concrete kind of device. Security scanners on the device can also ensure the highest level of security.

Salus is said to be a state-of-the-art industry-grade security tool. Being aimed at making the production environment of the platform absolutely free of any possible errors, it also remains fully secure to its core.

In the aspect of the importance of the tool and its availability to a wide audience, the official post of the company states:

“Tools like these help us to ship faster, and we are tremendously grateful for these open source efforts. It was in this spirit that Coinbase started its open source fund, a token of gratitude for this type of community-oriented work.”

Coinbase’ Recent Initiatives

In general, it’s worth mentioning that Coinbase is one of the companies that never stands at one place. It is always moving forward taking into consideration the current market environment and needs.

Just recently, CoinSpeaker has reported, that now trading operations with ZRX are available for users of Coinbase platform. Having analyzed their traders’ demands, the company has decided to expand trading opportunities for them and added the first ERC-20 to its platform.

Moreover, just a couple of days ago, the company announced opening of its new office in Dublin, Ireland. Such an initiative is said to help the company to keep its rights to sell services to citizens of the EU countries even after Brexit. The exchange’s office in London will also continue its work.

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