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Coinbase Launches a Push Notification Feature on Its Mobile dApp

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by Ikenna Uwakwe · 2 min read
Coinbase Launches a Push Notification Feature on Its Mobile dApp
Photo: The Coinbase Blog

The leading American Exchange Coinbase decided to incorporate an alerting mechanism in order to update users on cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

Bitcoin price soars to yet another all-year high and is relatively pegged at $10,000 (approximately $9,700) as at the time of writing. It seems that American number one cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase has chosen the right time for introducing updates of its alerting mechanism, which include the addition of a sophisticated push notification system into the platform. 

Coinbase – the digital currency wallet ecosystem where merchants can exchange various digital tokens, now ensures that Users with the mobile dApp (decentralized app) access can get up-to-date notifications of the price fluctuations of all the cryptocurrencies promoted on the platform.

Although this crypto exchange already has a market signal as well as a price analytics procedure available only for a number of crypto assets, this new alerting announcement would cut across the 22 digital assets been advertised on the platform. With future plans to include price alerts from the top 100 cryptocurrencies displayed on CMC.

As according to an associate of the Fintech exchange, this new system upgrade is performed in a bid to meet customers’ requirements. He highlights:

“Customers asked for real-time price alerts natively in the Coinbase app to address the inconvenience of having to check multiple sources for crypto market information.

Real-time price alerts available natively in the Coinbase app streamlines access to information that helps customers make more informed investment decisions.” 

Further adding to this statement, it was confirmed by the Coinbase Colleague that the system would eliminate the need for customers to source for information with regards to various market volatility data as well as price changes from different origins. 

The notification is, on the one hand, believed to be concise, while on the other – it’ll cover a wide range of crypto assets, providing traders with the ample opportunity to wield a well-informed investment awareness. The new system includes such data analytics as contemporary token worth, the percentage increase in addition to the undulation price tide of the season in real-time.

Adding to the exchange platform’s host of trading instruments as a watchlist, this flexible in-built dApp is provisioned with the option for Users to choose whether or not to salvage this meteoric feature.

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