CoinMarketCap Launches Chat Feature to Bring Global Crypto Community Together

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CoinMarketCap Launches Chat Feature to Bring Global Crypto Community Together
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The CoinMarketCap chat feature offers individual channels for the 200 biggest assets where members of these communities can communicate.

The popular crypto ranking platform CoinMarketCap has launched a chat feature on its website. According to an official announcement, users on the website can now not only keep track of all of their favorite crypto assets but also communicate with other members of the crypto community.

The CoinMarketCap chat feature offers a different chatting experience from what is obtainable with other popular chat platforms. Specifically, the 200 biggest assets on the platform have individual channels where members of these communities can communicate. However, the chat provisions don’t run perpetually and are only open when there is a big enough activity, such as a price movement, for each asset. In addition, each time there is something important enough to keep the channel open, it will only last for 24 hours.

CoinMarketCap Chat and Other New Features to Come

The CoinMarketCap chat encourages the general public to share ideas, opinions, and theories as to why these price movements happen whenever they do.

In addition to the individual channels for each of the top 200, the CoinMarketCap chat also promotes constant chatters through a separate channel. Called “To the Moon!”, the channel will not be restricted, and will be open perpetually. This will allow members of the community to “talk about anything and everything crypto.”

To start chatting, a user would first need to create a CoinMarketCap account on any browser or device of choice. Users may then log in after creating accounts, and join the conversation at any time they have something to contribute. While online, all users in the channels will easily see each other and can communicate better.

CoinMarketCap also promises to add more features to the platform. Apart from the chat, there will be Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions at different intervals, with “some of crypto’s greatest minds.” This will allow top crypto shareholders, founders, and developers, to communicate with the CoinMarketCap community. The website also says there will be live streams, analysis, verified badges, and a lot more.

CoinMarketCap Changes

CoinMarketCap also recently implanted a new change to its market pair rankings. The new change will see the company using a more intricate method than what it has been used to. In a recent tweet, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has said that the change has reduced the bloated nature of reported volumes.

Back in April, Binance officially confirmed its acquisition of CoinMarketCap. According to sources, the deal was worth nearly $400 million. Since the acquisition, CoinMarketCap has made a few changes to improve its services. However, the inclusion of a chat feature seems to be the company’s largest change.

As part of the changes at the time of the acquisition, then CEO Brandon Chez stepped down from his position. Chez, who is also the company’s creator, reportedly stepped down from the position to focus on his family.

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