CoinMarketCap Releases Wipe Paper for Its Toilet Paper Token

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CoinMarketCap Releases Wipe Paper for Its Toilet Paper Token
Photo: Unsplash published the document describing innovative cryptocurrency. It will keep the use of smut contracts to help users (called wipers) keep track of their supply and demand for toilet paper.

The toilet paper act as the backing asset in a new business model by CoinMarketCap. The coins represent the amount of paper you have, also allow you to purchase more online. It will preserve your right to wipe and hodl the toilet paper as stocks. 

The innovative Ply Count algo will track the stats and adjust your supply chain. CoinMarketCap wants to ensure you’ll receive exactly as much of the toilet paper as you need for the successful quarantine survival. The introduction of such a project aims to stop the supermarket fighting. Among founders are famous blockchain developers: Marry Ploppins, Peter Peoup, and John Splashington.

The TPT Holders will enable fair worldwide toilet paper distribution, and ensure ‘wiper integrity’. The humanity thus to be saved from dropping down to the first two Maslow hierarchy levels.

Ply Count Quiz Will Determine Toilet Paper Supply for You

TPT is easy to buy, just register at the official site. The weird Ply Count Quiz bot will determine, how much tokens you need. The quiz features questions about your home size, number of people in the family, and so on. Then the algorithm will determine the restock level. 

The initial price per one TPT is $1.64. The total supply of coins is 8 billion, and the ‘market crap’ equals $85,583,000,000. Shitake Exchange will be the first one listing the coin, so expect a huge dump and the beginning of trades. Some of the tokens will come back to the company’s Treasury. But developers will ‘burn’ the tokens to prevent themselves from holding the market supply monopoly. Very smart.

The token has a lock-up period of five minutes after you top up the wallet. Several partner stores will exchange TPT for real toilet paper rolls. The blockchain facilitates a new mining algorithm called Proof-of-Wipe, allowing seamless Know-Your-Colon (KYC) verifications. The photos must prove that the wipers can wipe by themselves, according to the docs. The ICO entry age? Research shows it is 3-years old.

The installation of intravenous IoT plug-in will allow TPT blockchain to gather your biomedical data, and dynamically change the supply of paper rolls. The immutability of the ply count works via the Proof-Of-Ply layer of the blockchain.

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