CoinMarketCap Enters Strategic Partnership with Yahoo Finance on Data Feed

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by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read
CoinMarketCap Enters Strategic Partnership with Yahoo Finance on Data Feed
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As CoinMarketCap and Yahoo Finance have become partners, Yahoo Finance will now feature crypto data and indices provided by CoinMarketCap.

In what seems like a match made in heaven Verizon’s Yahoo and CoinMarketCap which is the biggest data provider with everything concerning cryptocurrencies have decided to enter a partnership. In the framework of this collaboration, CoinMarketCap will be providing Yahoo Finance with data, historical information educational content from all its feeds concerning the crypto space. By all statistics, CoinMarketCap is the largest cryptocurrency information site by sheer volume past and current. It has been agreed between both parties that Coinmarketcap will “power” Yahoo Finance’s cryptocurrency section with all the required information.

Concurrently, the CoinMarketCap indices, Crypto 200 and Crypto 200 EX which cover the top 200 cryptocurrency exchanges are also going to be a part of this data feed. Also, CoinMarketCap’s daily newsletter and blog content will be a core part of Yahoo Finance’s daily news stream which of course is a leading news source for many financial buffs the world over.

This comes as a major move for the cryptocurrency community as CoinMarketCap’s information has been relied on by millions of people all over the globe. The accuracy and veracity of CoinMarketCap’s data has given birth to many startups and sustain the crypto space as of now.

Is this a Comeback for Yahoo?

While many may say that Yahoo is clutching the last straws of its existence, others who see into the future believe that the crypto space and distributed ledger technologies may offer Yahoo which has faced so many issues in the past a way out of its current predicament. 

Yahoo was once one of the biggest technology firms in America with a peak market capitalization of about $125 billion in the nineties to less than $4 billion today. The former internet colossus made history with all kinds of technologies that were once novel but are now commonplace. After a 22 year cycle of mostly failures but with a hint of success which can come anytime soon based on innovation, research, and development.

This, of course, may bring Yahoo’s focus to the crypto space as the integration with CoinMarketCap presents a unique opportunity for the ailing internet company to become a giant once more and to make history before history makes itself. The crypto space is still in its infancy and Yahoo’s decision to touch it in such a way is to be Yahoo’s distinct advantage.

On the other hand, the inclusion of CoinMarketCap on Yahoo’s finance page will also enable further adoption of the crypto space and will give it the much-needed clout to take over the world. 

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