CoinMetro Announces the Results of Its Extended Token Sale

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
CoinMetro Announces the Results of Its Extended Token Sale
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CoinMetro is proud to announce the conclusion of its extended token sale, which resulted in raising a significant amount of $15 Million USD.

Having extended the token sale of its native XCM token to March 31, 2018, the tokenized exchange platform CoinMetro is proud to finally announce a successful raise of $15 Million USD, signalling the platform’s promising start.

The ‘one of a kind financial exchange ecosystem’ has recently hit a number of sales opening milestones. A comprehensive bonus structure has turned out to be attractive for investors looking to take advantage of bonuses of up to 500%, lifetime discounts and token buyback schemes. These programs have been targeted at maximizing community involvement and, according to the results, it seems to have worked.

Only within the first twelve hours of XCM’s main sale $4 Million USD has been raised, and, by the closing of the extended sale on March 31, the total amount has finally reached $15 Million USD.

Blending the team’s promotion efforts to maximize interest, CoinMetro has been working hard to ensure the company is totally compliant with the laws of crypto battlespace. The company has also recently revealed that its expert international team is now working on making CoinMetro an international regulated financial exchange.

CoinMetro has already registered for an eMoney license in Georgia, allowing the payment services facet of the business to deal in fiat transactions with countries outside of the EU. Also, a new team based in Estonia is securing the proper licenses to work across multiple jurisdictions. Once secured, CoinMetro can accept payments via the exchange and deal in crypto and fiat within the EU and around the world. For EU residents this means the accredited use of Credit Cards, SEPA transfers, SWIFT transfers, and external wallet systems.

Whilst gaining the necessary approvals have been important for CoinMetro, equally central to their offering are their unique features. In their efforts to become the ‘future of blockchain innovation’, users of the platform will be able to use a range of breakthrough options.

One of them are Crypto Debit Cards for daily transactions and a Multi-Currency wallet that can hold Crypto and Fiat. Traders will be able to conduct Atomic Swaps, a smart, third-party free, contract escrow tool that swaps tokens.

The CoinMetro platform’s ICO Express simplifies the tokenization process and allows for the immediate listing and launch of TGEs platform. Both experienced and inexperienced investors will be able to diversify their holdings with a few clicks using an ETCF Board.

The inclusion of a TAM (Tokenized Asset Management) platform that helps bring in asset managers from other markets, providing CoinMetro clients with the ability to profit from their collective trading experience, and finally, Crypto Lending, where users can make passive income from the interest gained by loaning their cryptocurrency out.

According to the company’s main sale final figures, $14 805 984.69 USD in total was contributed, with 127,665,508 XCM tokens sold. Total contributor number was 6978.

CoinMetro’s plans for the near future are: secondary licensing in April, the launch of Debit Card and Full PSP Services in July and the launch of TAM Platform and Crypto ETF in October.

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