Right to Trade: Crypto Platform CoinMetro Gains Estonian Trading License

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Right to Trade: Crypto Platform CoinMetro Gains Estonian Trading License
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All in one crypto platform CoinMetro boasts yet another significant achievement on its way to becoming a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange compliant with regulations, with a newly obtained trading license from Estonia.

One of the most crypto-friendly members of the European Union, Estonia has been remarkably welcoming towards blockchain technology, embracing the influx of startups and decentralized services such as trading platforms and offering them a legitimate foundation for business via exchange licenses. With this license, CoinMetro can now legally accept and exchange currencies across fiat and digital spectrums.

CoinMetro users can now look forward to easy and seamless exchange of money, exchanging fiat for crypto, crypto for fiat, and crypto to crypto within the platform. Additionally, users can use debit and credit cards to buy crypto, or even wire funds in from bank accounts to obtain new crypto. Of course, transactions in the opposite directions are also possible, all in line with CoinMetro’s vision of a true decentralized currency platform.

Disruptive Technology Within a Compliant, Legitimate Environment

Despite blockchain-based currencies are seen as a disruptive force that is soon to change the way people conduct finance and banking, CoinMetro believes that mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency will depend on its widespread acceptance by existing institutions – beginning first with regulatory compliance in accordance with laws of relevant jurisdictions.

And now, having obtained a crypto exchange license, it continues its journey towards a transparent, fair and democratic platform for international users to conduct financial transactions with the full confidence of a legitimate entity in Estonia.

Aiming to be the one-stop shop for users, CoinMetro’s single marketplace will serve the diverse needs of every type of user:

  • the mainstream crypto user will not only have access to an eWallet to store, receive and send funds, but a crypto-enabled debit card that allows them to spend their digital funds anywhere where cards are accepted, much as they would using a regular debit card.
  • crypto traders, be they expert veterans or occasional traders, will have a whole range of trading products and instruments to choose from, including ETCFs, Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) and an advanced exchange platform to meet all their trading needs. Those wishing to earn interest on idle balances can even post lending offers to others, setting their own margin and interest rates.
  • startup enthusiasts will appreciate CoinMetro’s ability to manage the entire process of launching a crowdfund, including KYC/AML onboarding, token distribution and listing of native tokens on its own exchange. Developers now no longer need to be distracted by the cumbersome process of a token generation event, allowing them to dedicate their attentions to developing their blockchain service or product.

All users will benefit from an e-wallet that gives them the best in high-grade encryption, allowing the option of controlling their own private keys or granting custodian rights to CoinMetro.

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