CoinPip Partners with 37coins to Launch SMS Bitcoin Wallets in Singapore

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CoinPip Partners with 37coins to Launch SMS Bitcoin Wallets in Singapore
Anson Zeall, co-founder of CoinPip, explained that his collaboration with 37coins’ SMS-based system would make payments far more convenient for everyone, as compared to the current setup that relies on QR codes. Photo: CoinPip

Bitcoin-based payments system startup, CoinPip, in partnership with the US-based ’37coins’ has launched SMS Bitcoin wallets in Singapore.

A payment processor CoinPip based in Singapore is announcing new payment options, making it possible for anyone in the world to send coins via SMS.

СoinPip works with US-based “37coins” and aims to make bitcoin payments easier for everyone in Singapore. In order to set up a Bitcoin SMS wallet the users should send a text message containing “hi” to the nearest SMS gateaway, after this they get a reply containing welcome text.

Next, the user is able to send text messages with commands to that gateaway to manage the wallet, e/g/ “buy” that shows a list of bitcoin sellers in the same country, also “bal” that stands for wallet’s balance.

New SMS bitcoin service allows you to pay in bitcoin via any CoinPip Merchant POS from your cell phone or mobile device that has SMS function.

Anson Zeall, co-founder of CoinPip, is planning to launch new service in Hong Kong and Indonesia next month or around that time.

CoipPip’s vision is to make bitcoin and other digital currencies as safe and easy to use as any other money.

Moreover Mr. Zeall has ideas regarding other regions in Southeast Asia where 3G mobile connections are limited: “The mobile market in Southeast Asia is massive but the usage of smartphones is still lagging.”

“So QR code scanning is not that useful. Thus the collaboration with 37coins is going to make payments more convenient for everyone else.”

Getting Started

If you want to start using a 37coins bitcoin SMS wallet, all you need is to visit and then enter a mobile number in countries where the service has been implemented.

Once the confirmation received, anyone can open the gateway from any location, moreover users can send and receive bitcoin from any place having a mobile access.

Furthermore, CoinPip also recently introduced an online API for those merchants that eager to accept bitcoin online and put its merchant POS app to the Google Play store.

CoinPip Merchant allow merchants in some countries from Southeast Asia region to accept bitcoins, and receive in their local money.

Currently instant exchange is available in Hong Kong and Singapore, however there is an on demand exchange that is available for a small fee in such countries as Australia, China (ex Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

While an on-demand exchange is available for an extra fee in Australia. The company has plans to add more countries to the list soon.


37coins’ aim is to make bitcoin easy and secure to use, and most importantly available to everyone. was founded by three people, one is entrepreneur Songyi Lee, another two are Johann Barbie and designer Jonathan Zobro.

“The 37coins gateway system is distributed, and modeled after bitcoin itself. A person that deploys a gateway gets a tiny percentage of the transaction which turns it into an entrepreneurial opportunity,” said Mr. Barbie, a developer.

“It’s simple and is even usable on the Nokia 100, this basic SMS phone. While M-Pesa is just in Kenya, 37coins can work anywhere in the world,” mentione Jonathan Zobro.

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