Commun Is Launched to Start New Wave of Social Media Decentralization

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Commun Is Launched to Start New Wave of Social Media Decentralization
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Commun is here to become a decentralized version of Reddit. The platform pays its users for creating content and voting on posts.

Social network Commun, a fork of Steemit—a decentralized social media network that looks like Reddit, which is created on Web3 technologies base, announced it has successfully launched its mainnet for online communities.

The platform is composed of Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DAC) and it is made to act as a web, Android, and iOS portal. Through this, the users can assemble different interest-based forums and groups to share, read, watch, rank, and discuss content with others.

Commun is the first Web3 social network to be developed because of growing interest in this kind of technology. Also, we shouldn’t forget the existing commotion over censorship, de-platforming, and data-selling that started to be pretty common among big social media platforms.

Two weeks ago, the CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, said he plans to make a different set of measures for decentralized social media networks hoping that Twitter could accommodate these measures. However, while that seems to be in the distant future for Twitter, Commun, now made.

In fact, Commun seems to be nicely positioned to lead the migration via community-run social networks, or DACs.

Commun Pays Users for Creating Posts and Voting on Posts

Signed as a “decentralized Reddit,” Commun absorbs a tokenized reward system made in order to encourage content voting. The network can be penetrated through a decentralized application (dApp). The point is that the members of the community are enabled to cash out to the platform’s unifying token, the Commun token, or use the art community’s token to vote on their leaders, who’ll dictate the future values of the platform.

Commun CEO Marina Guryeva said:

“We’re delighted to have successfully launched the Commun mainnet for online communities. Delivering the network ahead of several well-funded and highly publicized alternatives is a major coup, and it gives us a runway in which to prove the efficacy of the tokenized economy we’ve devised. Now it’s over to the Commun community to make the platform their own way, and to build their own boards upon it, tailored to their interests. We’re excited to discover the concepts they come up with, and to watch Commun grow as a decentralized network whose future resides in the hands of its users.”

In addition to beating Twitter’s project, dubbed Bluesky to launch, Commun came before the EOS-based, whose web domain cost EOS $30 million. The problem with Voice is that it was constantly been delayed. Because of the growing reactions versus social networks who are behaving towards their users as a product, demand for user-centric opportunities has aggravated. Research showed that approximately 96% of YouTubers earn below the poverty border, while only 14% of bloggers are awarded for their efforts.

Commun lets users fully control the platform and the content shared. It allows creators to manage their way on the platform. They can own their content and their identity, interact with their fans. But what is more important, they can get awards without any external intermediaries.

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