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Contentos Joining Binance Chain to Explore the Content Blockchain Ecology in a Win-win Cooperation

June 17th, 2019 at 4:00 pm UTC · 4 min read

Contentos Joining Binance Chain to Explore the Content Blockchain Ecology in a Win-win Cooperation

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance:

“We warmly welcome Contentos community as part of our initiative to assist Binance Chain to reach mass adoption by the general public.”

As a public blockchain project with a mass of believers in the Asia Pacific market, Contentos has, in the first half of 2019, gradually demonstrated the strength of a cutting-edge project in the public blockchain technology R&D and progress of building global ecology.

In the future, Contentos will support the transactions and interactions of over 60 million monthly active content ecology users. Its test net has, in early June, announced to enter the v.03 Venus version as scheduled, including the expansion of up to 10 block nodes, addition of the node election process, economic system model optimization, the enhanced security of consensus mechanism and increased endurance.

In terms of IP content and technology ecology, Contentos’ partners have covered Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Ontology, ICON and other well-known public blockchain game and entertainment dApp, and concluded an ecological cooperation agreement with Tomochain, “The Ethereum in Southeast Asia”.

Mick Tsai, Co-Founder of Contentos, from Taiwan, has served as Product Research Director in the field of network security products for years, and occasionally shifted to the field of content live streaming, contributing to the creation of LiveMe, the famous content live platform worldwide. In the interaction and exchange with UGC creators, he has seen countless enthusiasm, potential, and hope, and also fully realized the dilemma up against potential creators.

More than one passionate UGC creators said to him:

“I hope to access to the resources of YouTube top web celebrity talents, with more equitable distribution of resources, I can make movies 10 times better than theirs, for more people to see, and realize my dream!”

Their disappointments towards the uneven distribution of platform traffic and profits were fermenting throughout the world.

Whereupon, Mick has decided to engage in the research of blockchain technology, and at the end of 2017, created Contentos, an open, equal and transparent platform based on the blockchain technology truly tailored to global content creators. Contentos has defined three revenue sections for creator content, i.e. point to point contribution, advertiser sponsorship, and content reward mechanism.

In addition, Mick and Contentos team believe that the only way for creators to really enjoy the creation rights is the “distribution of tokens”, which are hence set to be 35% of total COS, and to be acquired by “creating the content” only; based on the positive feedback, the new COS generated in each block will be distributed pro rata to the content creators.

Such design has further solved the problem Steem has faced as a content blockchain: those early entrants have a large amount of Steem Power (SP) in the Steem ecology, and they vote for each other so that the newly joined excellent creators are caught in the dilemma of few harvests.

Mick Tsai said:

“We’re moving toward that vision. Joining Binance Chain is very exciting news for us! Binance Chain is characterized by high-speed trading performance, which is one of the most important significances for our cooperation, in an effort to explore the infinite future of content blockchain ecology!”

Contentos mainnet is anticipated to go live this September.

About Contentos

Contentos is a public blockchain project specifically designed and built for the global digital content industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Contentos aims to resolve major challenges that centralized content platforms face today, such as content distribution, monetization, authentication, and copyright management. Contentos seeks to empower creators by monetizing their content and encouraging collaboration with advertisers, fans, and other creators as well as rewarding positive contributions to the community.

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