‘The Corporation’ Movie Uses Cryptocurrencies to Increase Its Project Funding

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‘The Corporation’ Movie Uses Cryptocurrencies to Increase Its Project Funding
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New croudfunding campaign was launched to match fiat funding for the re-release of ‘The Corporation’ film.

Since 10 years of ‘The Corporation’ movie release in 2003, the founder of Hello Cool World, Kat Dobbs, decided to launch crowdfunding campaign to re-release the movie to 1,000 schools.

The first phase of the fiat campaign, called #OffTheCouch, closed at $36,245, while their goal was $50,000.

In order to obtain more funding for the shorter version of “The Corporation”, they included the cryptocurrency that is likely to match fiat donations.

“The Corporation” is a film revealing the ‘capitalist’ side of global corporations and globalization. It includes interviews with American linguist Noam Chomsky and filmmaker Michael Moore.

“The Corporation” was also critiqued in the past. According to The Economist review in 2006, the film’s message s incomplete.

“It dwells on the familiar problem of the corporate corruption of politics and regulatory agencies that weakens public oversight of privately owned firms charged with delivering public goods. But that is only half the story.”

“The film has nothing to say about the immense damage that can also flow from state ownership. Instead, there is a misty-eyed alignment of the state with the public interest.”

The film is focused on corporations, describing their role as destroying the environment,’ ‘receiving special abilities,’ ‘creating profit,’ and ‘being evil.’

Corporations are the firms owned ‘publicly’, which means by shareholders. Working towards corporate interests, they provide services and goods to the economy for revenues. Shareholders aim at investing in companies that provide goods and service the best. Revenues are a measure of how the firm is providing for the economy.

The major problem is the government, which has always had eminent domain in taking on ventures. Other things that game up for corporate interests include government subsidies and its help to bail out corporations and banks. All these things were covered in “The Corporation.”

Bitcoin is rather anti-state power than anti-corporation. The community is against central banks inflating money and handling it to financial system of banks. It is also against such institutions as New York Department of Financial Services trying to make the industry more bank-centric. On the whole, its against the forced control.

Bitcoin is not against the firms providing goods and services. It was created to promote the market, facilitate trade and empower industry individuals.

The film is using the cryptocurrency name to provide more financing to the crowdfunding campaign.

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