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Craig Wright Accusing Binance, McAfee and Even Roger Ver of Being the Mafia

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 4 min read
Craig Wright Accusing Binance, McAfee and Even Roger Ver of Being the Mafia
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Craig Wright, has called Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, a “super bucket shop” claiming that it’s co-founder Changpeng Zhao is engaging in wash trading and money laundering and that’s how he makes money.

Last week Binance exchange delisted and ceased trading on all trading pairs for Bitcoin SV (BSV). This came after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ) threatened to delist the Bitcoin Cash fork coin in response to Craig S. Wright, the coin’s creator, threatening Lightning Torch prometheus Hodlonaut with a lawsuit.

However, as the every proper soap opera has to have its multiple characters, both evil and good – there has to be also a drama, few emotional relationships, maybe a death or two, and of course – vivid actors to play it for the audience once a week, at least.

And boy this one particular character is not disappointing us at all.

The one and only Craig Wright, has slammed the world’s largest crypto exchange calling it a “super bucket shop“.

In an interview, Wright accused Binance of engaging in wash trading and money laundering saying:

“You have things like CZ (Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO) there and Binance which is super bucket shop which are basically money laundering organizations. They wash trades and money laundering. That’s how they make money.”

He also revolutionary added that the leading cryptocurrency exchange engages in market manipulation.

“Binance is Just a Cover for Drug Smuggling and Human Trafficking”

Not just that, Wright claims that the actions of these companies are just a cover for different criminal activities like drug smuggling and human trafficking. He actually is accusing Zhao as personally culpable stating that “people like CZ support illegal drug industries”

This vivacious self-proclaimed Satoshi character claims that Binance is engaged in pumping the prices of cryptocurrencies with ‘pre-announcement stuff’ before shorting. He also estimated that they could make “a 100 times the sort of money that they have stolen” from such activities.

Because he “is the real Satoshi”, he became a target for the criminals – at least he says so.

“This is why they don’t want me talking. They want to shut me up. Because this is a criminal organization.”

Even though police didn’t receive any calls for help, it seems that it’s not just Binance that’s after him. Wright accused both Kraken and Shapeshift crypto exchanges also engaging in money laundering and washing trading activities. He claims that they are able to achieve this since they have “no order trail unlike Bitcoin”:

“What these guys do is they take money from around the world and they pump it through their system and back out through Tether, which is also a criminal money laundering system, so that it gets lost in the banking industry… So that’s what things like Binance are really about. Then they can link them to others like Kraken and get them into a semi-legitimate one. Or others like Shapeshift.”

Of course, there have to be at least three characters to make the story more complex. Wright also had something to say about the U.S. presidential candidate and cryptocurrency influencer, John McAfee. As far as he is concerned, both Binance and McAfee are working together manipulating the market.

So the story goes like this: Binance starts with pre-announcement and then John McAfee scams everybody, pumping up the price, and getting people to put their savings and investments into their project.

But don’t worry. Craig Wright isn’t a lonely hero. His right-hand man, Calvin Ayre, recently released an article titled, “Binance ‘most likely involved in criminal operations’: report,” detailing the exchange’s misgivings in terms of exchange volumes, in light of recent reports that indicate the same.

And not just that. If you call now, you get more people to blame; so why not it be Roger Ver, who held another side of the fork (you know, that normal guy who presented well perceived Bitcoin Cash).

Ayre stated the, citing “industry rumor” tweeting:

But, let’s be serious for a moment and mention that Mati Greenspan, the senior markets analyst at eToro, suggested that this was a matter of “due diligence” rather than “kingmaking.” He also admitted the power of Binance saying:

“They’ve [Binance] been the king makers for years, they’re the ones who say which ICOs get listed and which are not. They already are the kingmakers.”

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