Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Features in Top Crypto Media as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’

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Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Features in Top Crypto Media as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’
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Cryptaur, a digital space for direct supplier-consumer interaction, continues its way to success being rated a ‘top e-commerce project’ by top crypto-related media.

Claiming the success pinnacle for blockchain-based projects is a rarity, and for the most part, projects collecting huge funds during crowdsale wane over time during their struggle for survival. The case with Cryptaur, a recently rated ‘top e-commerce project’ – by top crypto-related media – is somewhat different, it’s been one success story after the other.

The first step was a crowdsale, during which the company managed to raise a sum of $60,000,000 from selling 8.5 billion CPT tokens – the platform’s native utility token. Afterward, Cryptaur got listed on 3 exchanges – HitBTC, LAtoken and Orderbook.

Currently, the project boasts of 90,000 active CPT wallets, which is a massive number for a crypto community backing, and plans to get listed on even more exchanges in order to make CPT tokens tradable on the global scale.

Standing out in the crowd for providing a middleman-free service between consumers and manufacturers through its LifeWise marketplace, Cryptaur may now enjoy the center stage as top crypto related media have turned their spotlight on the project, thereby recognizing their contribution to blockchain space and the retail market as a whole. These media, including ABMCrypto, Global Coin Report, and CCN, have used their recommendation to put more weight on the project.

As deduced from the recognition by these media, Cryptaur has made an imprint on blockchain application. The unique use case of the retail marketplace has made the venture a rather peculiar one. CCN noted that it “is the best blockchain-e-commerce project we’ve seen…” knocking out the obstacles and creating a healthy and well-conceived ecosystem. CNN further reports that it “…truly levels the playing field, offering an environment in which products and services are vetted by community consensus.”

Cryptaur is a company based in Cyprus and was founded in 2017, after which it was launched in January 2018. It’s currently an ecosystem that supports peer-to-peer transactions, pay platforms, and online gaming. In less than a year, it has achieved some important strides in relation to the development of its project, some of which include a successful June launch of credit cards by Fintech United Group and the launch of automatic Know Your Customer (KYC) at Fintech United Group in August.

The Cryptaur project team intends to move ahead with more development opportunities, as it has done before, achieving the roadmap targets. One of these opportunities can be found in the online gaming industry. Cryptaur will now tackle the release of the beta stage of X-Game.

With excitement about the recognition by the media outlets, Cryptaur CEO and Cofounder Dmitry Buriak said:

“We’re very pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved,”

He went further to state that:

“There is really no limit to what Cryptaur can do.”

With the Cryptaur ecosystem being self-sufficient, self-maintaining, self-evolving, and community-owned, the platform’s services are programmed to increase the efficiency of social and financial transactions.

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